pink nails

Many women, regardless of age and stylistic preferences, use pink in their wardrobe and make-up. Nail art was no exception. A pink nail polish manicure can be elegant and feminine, playful and daring, youthful and even ultra-modern. It all depends on the chosen shade and drawing technique.

Pink manicure

To begin with, let’s choose for ourselves the perfect shade for a pink manicure, because each master in the palette you will find up to two dozen different bottles. Choosing a nail polish should be based on your type of appearance.

If your skin is light and your veins are perfectly visible, a hot pink manicure will make your skin color look artificial. Here it is worth giving preference to light and rather complex shades with lilac, purple, grayish pigments. If you really want dark shades, choose from complex lingonberry, raspberry and dark purple. But pink with impurities of red and orange is definitely not your choice.

Pink nails for owners of a warm color type can be more diverse in terms of color. Both warm and light shades will look equally good here. Try purple, salmon, or fuchsia. With a pale pink manicure, it is better not to experiment and choose one of the neutral options.

Pink nail polish manicure — which design to choose?

Depending on your preferences, the result can be gentle and barely noticeable, or vice versa — eye-catching. Here are some of the most popular color combinations:

  1. French pink manicure has been on the nails of all fashionistas for more than a dozen years. Short and long, oval and square — any nails with a jacket look feminine and neat. White is usually used for the tips of the nail, and pink covers the entire plate. Recently, the traditional “smile” of pale pink manicure has faded into the background, now they often use a beveled edge of the nail or stickers.
  2. Pink moon manicure can become a work of art if you use an unusual combination of texture and color. Two harmonious shades of pink, matte and glossy finish — all this will transform your nails.
  3. Pink manicure on short nails is usually done by young girls. Small stickers or stamps are well suited for it. Moreover, two techniques are used: either one nail is isolated and the rest are left monophonic, or each nail is decorated with different, but similar in design patterns.

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