pink dress manicure

Delicate, romantic and the most feminine pink dress will look stylish only when every detail of the image is thought out. Shoes, hairstyle, makeup and, of course, a suitable manicure that will emphasize both the beauty of the outfit and the attractiveness of its mistress.

What manicure goes well with a pink dress?

In choosing the right color for nails, it is necessary, of course, to take into account the style of the dress and the shade of pink. Pastel pink and fuchsia differ significantly from each other and require a different approach in creating a harmonious image.

Let’s start with pastels. Delicate shade looks beautiful with light nails. It can be a nude or french manicure. When choosing a monochromatic design, make sure that the shape of the nails is even and neat, as in this case any gaps will be evident. Matte nail polish in combination with a pink dress will look beautiful and elegant. A French manicure with a beautiful pattern or appliqué will also successfully emphasize your taste and sense of style.

The choice of nail design for a bright dress is wider. Here you can look in the direction of solid saturated colors, beautiful nail art and a combination of contrasting shades on the nails will do. A manicure for a hot pink dress can also be pink, but in a different tone. Black and pink or black and white nails will look very stylish, especially if black is present in accessories or is the color of shoes. If the length of the nails allows, make an abstract pattern that combines several shades, one of which must be close to pink.

When choosing a manicure for a pink dress, do not forget that the image should have no more than three colors — one main and two as accents. To look stylish, it is not necessary to give brightness to the nails. In many cases, a calm monochromatic manicure looks organic in combination with a pink dress.

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