nude manicure

Many fashionistas consider nude manicure boring because of its simplicity. In some ways, of course, they are right, because “nude” in translation means “naked”, that is, the most natural and natural. Here we are not talking about bright colors, gloss and dark colors. However, nails with a similar design look very well-groomed and stylish. Our tips will help you learn about the different variations of the nude manicure and the latest fashion trends.

Nude manicure — naturalness in fashion

The main advantage of a nude manicure is that a light or transparent varnish best emphasizes the shape of the nails, their cleanliness and accuracy. From this we can conclude that it is contraindicated if the nails do not look perfect. In this case, even the smallest flaw will be in sight and spoil the impression of its mistress.

The simplicity of manicure is appropriate not only in office style or everyday life. Nude manicure looks beautiful at a celebration, wedding and any other event with an evening dress and expensive jewelry, which just highlights the light varnish in the best way.

Benefits of nude manicure:

  • manicure is appropriate in any situation;
  • nude manicure is simple and quick to apply;
  • with a nude manicure, nails immediately acquire a well-groomed appearance;
  • light colors of varnish visually make women’s fingers longer and thinner;
  • unlike bright and dark varnishes, nude manicure is easily and imperceptibly refreshed.

Thanks to the latest manicure trends, nude manicure nails can be made a little more original and interesting. For example, add a pattern or not too bright glitter to one of the fingers. Or you can turn to the moon manicure technique and make it using two pastel shades that differ by a tone or two.

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