newspaper manicure

Whatever the manicure masters come up with to satisfy the creative fantasies of their capricious clients. It seemed that they had already tried all possible and impossible materials: they glued rhinestones, tried on feathers, even attached dried flowers and various blades of grass to the nail. Only it became fashionable to put an interesting print on the nails, as stickers for nails appeared. But even this was not enough. Now fashionistas have reached the newspapers. Nail design with a newspaper is at the peak of popularity today. In any salon you will be offered a newspaper manicure for every taste and color. Home craftswomen painstakingly cut out strips or ovals with scissors, so that later you can do a manicure with a newspaper like in a salon, and even better. I must say that all these efforts will not be in vain. A manicure with newspaper letters looks really very interesting, provocatively and gently at the same time.

Manicure with a newspaper: instructions

Newspaper manicure can be done both in the salon and at home. The execution technique is exactly the same. Paper can be used in two ways: apply only the printed text or apply the entire newspaper clipping. Each method has its own advantages, but in the end it turns out equally beautiful.

Instructions for performing a manicure using a whole piece of newspaper:

  • To begin with, prepare your nails and do a manicure in accordance with all the rules: carefully file and shape your nails, tidy up your cuticles.
  • Now we cover the nails with a layer of white varnish. If you use colored pieces, then the coating should be transparent.
  • Before applying, «try on» the cut pieces. Next, soak them well in water. Thus, the paper fits perfectly to the nail.
  • Now all this beauty needs to be covered with one or two more layers of transparent varnish.
  • If you want to give a little space to the imagination, there is room for experimentation. It is absolutely not necessary to cut a piece of paper exactly under the shape of the nail. Cut several strips of arbitrary shape and length. Apply them in a chaotic manner, gradually covering the entire nail plate.
  • Pieces with burnt edges look very impressive. But this takes a little skill. You can refine such a manicure with glitter or rhinestones.

Another way to perform a newspaper manicure at home:

  • First, we put the nails in order and do a manicure.
  • Cover your nails with your favorite polish. With this technique, the color of the varnish does not matter. The layer should be thick enough and well dried.
  • Take a small container and pour alcohol into it. We dip the painted nails in alcohol and apply pre-prepared pieces of newsprint to the nails.
  • This must be done very carefully, otherwise you risk getting a fuzzy and blurry picture.
  • It is advisable to take a fresh newspaper: when the printed test is fresh, it is better applied to the nail.
  • You need to press firmly enough, but at the same time gently. We keep a couple of minutes.
  • Remove the newspaper from the nails and cover with a layer of fixative or clear varnish.

This technique can be done a little differently:

    newspaper nail design

  • After varnishing, we put paper with text on the nail.
  • The paper is dry and with fresh printed text. Now we apply a cotton pad well moistened with alcohol on top.
  • Gently press for 30-40 seconds and remove.

Newspaper manicure is good because it is not at all difficult to perform at home. Moreover, it is appropriate in almost any situation. If you apply it on a beige or other «neutral» background of the nail, it is quite possible to go to school or the office with such a manicure. For a party, just make a bright background and add rhinestones or other decorative elements.

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