nautical theme manicure

At the height of the beach season, nails with a marine-inspired design are becoming very popular. To comply with the marine idea even in such trifles as nail-art means to be original, stylish and emphasize delicate taste. By the way, the marine theme becomes relevant in the summer in clothes and accessories, and a stylish manicure will perfectly complement the image.

Nautical Manicure Ideas

Today, stylists offer a lot of marine-themed manicure ideas. You can make a very simple monophonic nail art with aquamarine varnish, or you can fully reveal the given style on the nails. It all depends on your taste, outfit and circumstances under which you create an image. The length of the nails is also important. After all, a simple manicure will look better on short nails, and it is better to make an interesting and unusual pattern on long or extended nails. However, stylists still offer the most popular marine-themed design, which has been in fashion for more than a year.

Nautical french manicure. Color jacket has been popular for a long time. In summer, it is important to make such a design in a marine style. Make a stripe on the tips of your nails in blue, blue or navy. The striped version also looks unusual. Add a small anchor or fish on one finger, and your stylish marine-themed manicure is complete.

Striped manicure. The idea of ​​a vest on the nails looks very stylish and unusual. Such a design can be done not only in blue, but also in red. The main thing is that the base is white varnish. Stripes can be made with both varnish and colored foil, which will look much neater.

Manicure with a marine pattern. The most beautiful is considered a marine manicure with images on a given topic. You can draw on the nails the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, marine vegetation or just waves with foamy scallops. In any case, your choice will match the marine theme and beautifully complement the stylish look.

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