nail design winter 2017

Manicure in recent years can be called a real art. All fashionistas follow the latest trends in this area with interest and strive to comply with them. Winter 2017 nail design is no exception in this regard and is ready to please girls with new fashion trends.

Fashionable nail design — winter 2017

As a rule, winter manicure is created taking into account the peculiarities of this time of year. Since it does not please with bright colors, the fair sex wants to compensate for this by bringing colorful notes to their image. This is also reflected in the winter 2016-2017 nail design. It is characterized by such a feature — a combination of naturalness and bright elements that act as a stylish accent of the image.

New nail design winter 2017 include the following:

  1. nude manicure, for which varnishes of natural shades are used — coffee with milk, beige, peach, pink. This option will allow its owner to show an impeccable sense of style. Simplicity and conciseness when creating a manicure can be called a real trend of the season.
  2. french. As always, the jacket is relevant, which can rightfully be described as a classic winter 2017 nail design. However, new elements have been introduced into it — these are abstract and geometric patterns on the tips of the nails (various zigzags or rhombuses).
  3. Black manicure. New in winter 2017 nail design is the gothic style, which is a manicure made with black varnishes, both glossy and matte. In order for it not to look too gloomy, golden stripes or patterns on it are used as bright accents.
  4. Bright colors, metallics and prints. To decorate gray winter everyday life and give a good mood, a manicure will help, for which varnishes of bright juicy tones are used. Metallic shades are also relevant, which give the image a certain chic. Pastel-colored nails can be applied with catchy prints or dots of colorful flowers.
  5. Lunar manicure. Such winter 2016–2017 nail design as moon nail art, which can be either glossy or matte, remains relevant. The undoubted hit of the season is the use of two contrasting colors. The color of fuchsia in combination with black looks very expensive and elegant.
  6. Sequins and sequins. These nail decor elements are also very popular. A great way to stand out and attract attention is a manicure with kamifubuki.

When choosing a nail shape for manicure, preference should be given to an oval one; in 2017, it is better to completely abandon the rectangular version. The length of the nails can be anything from short cut to very long.

Nail design winter 2017 — color palette

In the winter of 2017, the most relevant and sought-after shades will be:

  • romantic white;
  • seductive scarlet;
  • gray is the undoubted favorite of the season, which can be complemented by bright prints;
  • all shades of blue;
  • lilac and purple — perfectly match the winter look. The most interesting option, of course, is recognized as the color of fuchsia;
  • black, complemented by sequins, rhinestones and gold.

The most relevant prints include the following:

  • geometric;
  • gradient;
  • waves;
  • lace pattern;
  • various spots and zigzags;
  • New Year’s paraphernalia (for example, snowflakes).

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