Matthew McConaughey changed his image

46-year-old Matthew McConaughey dyed his hair dark and got a manicure. Internet users admired his new image, and the actor’s well-groomed nails aroused the envy of followers.


Last week, along with his wife Camila Alves and children Levi, Vida and Livingston, Matthew McConaughey, who is currently working on the film The Dark Tower, arrived in New York from South Africa, where filming was in full swing.

An exemplary family man walked with his children every day, and reporters suggested that the celebrity took a short vacation to take a break from work, but today it turned out that the team of the film, which screens the series of works by the «king of horrors» Stephen King, changed its location, continuing to shoot on the streets of New York .

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Man in black

On Thursday, Matthew, with dark brown hair slicked back and wearing a black coat despite the heat, set to work on the project.

For the role (in the film he plays the sorcerer Randall Flagg), the Hollywood handsome man not only changed the color of his hair, but also made a suitable “devilish” manicure that matches the villainous image.

Seeing the fresh photos of the celebrity, the actor’s fans began to write enthusiastic comments with hints of envy:

“Matthew has a better manicure than mine. Beautiful nail plates.

We add, in addition to Matthew McConaughey, the audience will see Idris Elba in the film, who got the role of the shooter Roland Deschain. Abby Lee will bring Tirana to the silver screen. In addition to them, Fran Krantz, Katheryn Winnick, Jackie Earle Haley, Alex McGregor and other talented actors are removed in the film.

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