manicure with black polish

Black is the king of colors, and therefore the idea of ​​​​using it in nail design is quite interesting, although it causes a lot of controversy. Today, not only rebellious teenagers or fans of the Gothic style can afford a manicure with black varnish, but also very self-confident ladies, including popular movie stars. To debunk the myths about black nail polish once and for all, the well-known brand Chanel has released a product of this color.

Pledge of a beautiful manicure with black varnish

This color does not forgive hand trembling and any careless movements: it must be applied very carefully, taking care of the perfect and symmetrical shape of the nails, as well as the smoothness of their surface.

Before applying varnish, the surface of the plate must be degreased, then covered with a base coat and allowed to dry. All this is necessary in order for the final black layer to look uniform and elegant. The slightest irregularities on the surface of the nail will spoil the whole picture.

By the way, the best manicure options with black polish are designed for short nails, contrary to a common myth. Their length should be up to 4 mm, and the shape should be square or oval.

Black nail polish ideas

You can beat the varnish of this color in different ways, depending on the clothes under which the manicure is done. In general, the black color is self-sufficient in itself, and some masters of nail design consider its combination with other shades to be inappropriate or even tasteless, but there are no strict rules in the style world.

For example, in a classic range, you can perform a manicure with black and white varnish, using various openwork patterns or geometric ornaments. Black marigolds and white patterns on one finger of each hand look very youthful: polka dots, flowers, bows — all this looks wonderful on young ladies and even harmonizes with the romantic image.

For a special occasion

If a monophonic black coating of nails is ideal for everyday wear, then various decorative elements will be needed to create a festive design: nails can be strewn with rhinestones or sparkles, of course, observing the measure. Drawings on a black background with light varnishes also look quite impressive. It is worth noting that such a manicure still brings a touch of aggressiveness to the image and speaks of the lady’s self-confidence, therefore it is important that it does not clash with your inner mood and manners.

French manicure with black lacquer looks very elegant, especially with a combination of matte and glossy textures.

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