manicure winter 2015

At shows, everything is given special attention and the model must express the idea of ​​the designer from head to toe. Under the watchful eye of photographers, she will have to demonstrate the latest trends not only in clothes, but also in makeup and hair. Our article is devoted to fashionable manicure of winter 2015.

Shape and length of nails

Photos of the winter manicure of 2015 from the shows of leading designers indicate that the shape of the nails, as well as their length, have not changed much since last season. In fashion, everything is also natural semicircular nails, short or medium length. Occasionally there is a pointed shape, but there were very few square and extremely long nails at the shows this season.

Beautiful winter manicure

Winter 2015 manicure trends suggest that the most relevant coloring technique will be the so-called moon manicure. Many designers have demonstrated it in various variations. It can be a semicircle of a classical shape, or it can be a triangle or even a square.

Another trend was the use of various shades of burgundy varnish. Dark cherry, wine, burgundy close to black — all these colors will be relevant in the winter of 2015.

The opposite trend — nude nails, painted with colorless, flesh, beige, beige-pink varnish was also reflected on the catwalks.

Gold and silver polishes will be very popular this winter. You can either completely cover your nails with metallic polish, or make a jacket with a gold top, or use gold or silver stripes on a contrasting basis.

Various shades with a metallic effect look great on short nails. This season, an ombre manicure made of varnishes with such an effect is popular.

Covering nails with two varnishes of similar shades is also popular. This year, 1/3 of the nails are painted in a lighter color, and 2/3 in a darker one.

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