short nails manicure

With the modern rhythm of life, a woman has more and more tasks and tasks that require active action and a quick reaction. If earlier the image of a business lady was associated with the image of a bitchy lady with dragon claws, now more and more often young active women choose short-cut nails. Fashionable manicure looks better on short nails. At first glance, it may seem that there is no place for fantasy to roam on short nails, but in reality everything does not look so sad. Just on short nails, you can make a neat and very effective manicure. To make a bright manicure look beautiful on short nails, you need to do everything carefully and observe some subtleties.

Simple manicure on short nails

Recently, the eco-current has become very fashionable. Almost all well-known companies for the production of cosmetics and body care products have released various «natural» lines. Increasingly, on the covers of magazines, models flaunt in front of camera lenses with a simple and modest manicure on short nails. Notice that even the stars today have stopped growing long nails and have given preference to short ones.

Manicure lessons on short nails

Working with short nails is not very different from working with long ones. But there are a few very important points that must be taken into account so that such a manicure looks neat and beautiful:

  • Manicure will look feminine, provided that you regularly monitor and take care of your nails. It is enough to periodically file nails, treat with cream.
  • Pick the right shape. The square shape, which is very fashionable today, is not suitable for everyone. Only owners of long and thin fingers can afford square nails. The rest may well make an original manicure on short oval nails.
  • Don’t trim your nails too much. Ideal when the nail plate covers the tip of the finger.
  • Don’t forget your cuticles. A bright manicure on short nails, especially with the use of red or burgundy shades, will look rough and untidy if you do not treat the cuticle. It should be trimmed with nail scissors or removed using special cosmetics.
  • Finally, coat your nails with clear hardening varnish.

Colored manicure on short nails

If you choose the right color and apply nail polish, you can visually make your fingers more elegant, and your nails longer. Dark and rich shades of varnish look very impressive on short nails. One condition: the nails must be perfectly shaped, the same length.

Vertical drawings will help to visually level the surface of the nail plate. Too wide a plate should not be painted over completely. Apply varnish in the center, leave the sides unpainted.

trendy manicure for short nails

For a harmonious pattern, do not use very large or small patterns, decorative elements. So that the manicure does not seem too colorful, try to limit yourself to two or three shades of varnish. For short nails, voluminous design is taboo. Acrylic modeling or aquarium design is only suitable for long nails.

Depending on the shape, you can choose the appropriate drawings. For oval or almond-shaped nail plates, floral patterns, romantic patterns and curlicues are suitable. It is better to use light colors. For a square shape, darker and more saturated shades of varnish are suitable. Geometry will look nice. The most win-win option that is appropriate in any look is a French manicure.

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