marine theme manicure

The marine theme in manicure in the summer is incredibly relevant. Decorations in the form of shells, starfish, palm trees, anchors and fish on the nails look great. No less vivid evidence of following the trends of nail art and aquamarine manicure, blue-white stripes or the application of golden glitter imitating sand. These decorations are created using varnishes of «marine» colors, acrylic paint, shellac, UV varnishes.

Color solutions

The marine theme in manicure is determined by the use of varnishes in white, blue, yellow, red, and all shades of blue. Thanks to modern colorful shades, you can create stunning patterns on your nails that allow you to experiment with looks in clothes. Of course, the palm in marine manicure (shellac or regular varnish you use — it doesn’t matter) belongs to white and blue colors. Their combinations allow you to decorate your nails with incredibly stylish marine motifs. The easiest option is a French manicure in a marine style. Apply a base on your nails, then cover them with blue varnish, and decorate the free edge with a white stripe. It is possible and vice versa — the nail plate is white, and the free edge is blue. And, of course, do not forget about the top coat, which will provide the manicure with a longer “life”. Such a manicure looks most advantageous on nails of medium length.

More difficult to perform is a marine striped manicure. It requires compliance with all the rules for applying varnish, so that the boundaries between colors are clear and contrasting. An experienced master you trust knows how to make a marine manicure, so any of your ideas will certainly come true. You can use either two or three or four colors. The more colored stripes you plan to make on your nails, the thinner they should be.

Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of experimenting with decor. Golden glitter on the loose tips or at the base of the nail can be easily turned into sea sand that adorns the foot of palm trees painted with black lacquer, and shining strasses will enliven the sea waves painted in several shades of blue. Decoration can be on one nail or on all — it all depends on your imagination and desires. Summer is the best time for bright experiments. Do not miss the opportunity to give yourself a sunny mood with a trendy marine manicure!

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