manicure in Ukrainian style

What associations does the word Ukraine evoke? That’s right, endless wheat fields, blue sky, colorful flowers — poppies, sunflowers, cornflowers. And what an interesting Ukrainian folk costume — vyshyvanka — a shirt embroidered with a cross. All the versatility of this palette can be conveyed in nail design.

Manicure with Ukrainian ornament

There are many ideas for the embodiment of a manicure with Ukrainian motifs. The simplest and easiest is to apply yellow and blue colors, symbolizing the colors of the Ukrainian flag. You can cover the ring and middle fingers with yellow, and the rest with blue, you can use the ombre lacquer technique that is fashionable this season — when one color smoothly turns into another. Transitions can be either vertical or horizontal.

The use of floral motifs is also quite popular, such a pattern looks very impressive, although it requires a long and painstaking work. Poppies remain the most popular, they can be applied both on a white base and in combination with a French manicure. Another flower symbolizing Ukraine is the sunflower. Bright yellow, with a contrasting black center and green leaves on the nails, it looks more like a painting by a famous artist. Such a manicure, of course, will not go unnoticed.

Ukrainian folk theme in embroidered shirts implies a combination of 2 colors on a white background — red and black, which can be perfectly reflected in manicure. Such a manicure can be attributed to the category of jewelry work, since it is necessary to convey the ornament in detail.

So, depending on the image you choose, you can experiment with colors and patterns in nail design. We have collected only a small part of the photo with possible Ukrainian-style manicure options. Your imagination will help you come up with your ideas.

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