manicure for every day

From manicure for important and solemn events, nail art for every day, it differs in color, the number of decorative elements used, the brightness and length of the nails themselves. Our ideas will surely help you refresh your look with an interesting and uncomplicated manicure.


For manicure for every day, several palettes are mainly used:

  1. Pastel. The most popular of it are beige, coffee (mocha) and pink shades. They serve as an excellent base for any decorations and patterns, go well with any colors and styles of clothing. In addition, being neutral, they will help you out when «it is not clear what you want.» The rest of the pastel colors — mint, turquoise, blue, purple, coral, apricot and so on — are more specific, not for every taste.
  2. Dimmed Colors. This includes all noble shades: wine or burgundy, deep blue, anthracite, emerald green, dark purple and their shades. With such colors, you can create an exquisite, but at the same time light and simple manicure for every day. Mother-of-pearl can spoil the situation: in cheap varnishes, it gives out a low cost. If you really want shine, it is better to highlight one finger (for example, ring finger) with loose sparkles.
  3. Classic options: scarlet red and fuchsia. Despite their brightness, these colors are recognized by world fashion as universal and appropriate in everyday life. They go well with jeans, a formal business suit or an evening dress.

Manicure ideas for every day

In each of the above ranges, you can show your imagination and combine several colors. You can also combine colors from different palettes: dark and bright or dark and pastel. To make a manicure for every day at home will help you:

  1. Colorless varnish:
  • combine different textures. To do this, cover the nail with a matte varnish, seal the part (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) and apply a glossy top coat. Wait for drying, peel off the closed part;
  • create the effect of wet nails. The base for this manicure will also need a matte one. After the base has completely dried, simply apply small droplets of colorless varnish on the nail.
  • Invisible with rounded tips. To decorate your nails with cute, neat polka dots, dip the ball at the end of the invisibility in varnish. For a beautiful manicure for every day, you can put a lot of points on one nail or one, but on each.
  • Sticker stripes. Cover all nails with colored polish. Wait for it to dry. On one, stick stripes with rays or a cage. Paint over with black or other dark varnish to match. Let the coating dry. Remove strips, apply fixative.

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