Manicure at sea

For girls, beach nail art in the summer is of particular importance. Summer itself evokes such associations as the sea, the sun, fruits, rich colors, so the manicure should be appropriate. Even if a trip to the sea has been postponed until better times, a weekend on the shore of a lake or river is a great reason to look attractive. The beach look is not limited to a hat, slippers and a pareo. A bright summer manicure by the sea is as much a necessity as a swimsuit and sunscreen. It allows you to make the beach bow complete, and the owner — flawless. Ideas for manicure at sea are extremely diverse. They are not limited solely to marine motifs.

Nail design

Only your taste and imagination, as well as the skills of the master, determine which manicure is best done for a trip to the sea. A variety of original artistic techniques combined with fashion trends in the field of nail art and an abundance of new performance techniques guarantee an excellent result. To make a beautiful manicure on the sea, it is worth bringing natural and bright colors of varnishes, grace and lightness to the fore. These criteria correspond to fruit motifs. They are depicted on the nails next to lollipops, bright butterflies, birds. In such a design, the fantasies of a little girl are embodied, and this is very useful if you are not more than thirty years old. It will not work to decorate nails with such patterns on your own, since all design elements are quite small. An excellent alternative for girls who, for various reasons, refuse the services of masters, are special stickers. This manicure at sea can also be done if the nails are short.

Juicy neon

Manicure in neon colors has been in trend for more than one season. These rich, truly summer shades fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the seaside. An interesting idea is a gradient neon manicure. In addition, in everyday life, not all girls can afford such a design, because clothes must be appropriate. Rest by the sea is an excellent occasion for neon fashion experiments!

Floral motifs are a separate issue. There are so many variations of this design that it is even difficult to formulate the main directions. In addition, the same floral patterns look different when using different manicure techniques. A delicate violet on a colored background will look juicy in a youthful way, and the same motif on a jacket will make the image gentle and sensual. As for the modeling that often accompanies floral design, it is out of place and impractical at sea. This applies to all volumetric decorative elements (rhinestones, broths, etc.).

Stylish manicure accents on the sea

Summer is the right time to experiment, so a one-color coating should be decorated with drawings. Palm trees, anchors, shells, inhabitants of the deep sea, boats and even dots-stripes allow you to refresh the usual one-color manicure. Feel free to use the opportunity to bring a touch of creativity to the beach look! Of course, it is preferable to trust your hands to masters in salons, but during your vacation you can do a marine manicure yourself.

And do not forget that on the beach with a minimum of clothes, cosmetics and accessories, your nails will attract maximum attention, so they should always be in perfect condition.

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