lilac manicure

Piercing, mystical and strong — it is such a lilac color. If you are a refined, sensual and creative nature, you will surely like the idea of ​​​​doing a manicure in lilac tones.

Lilac Manicure Ideas

Psychologists say that the lilac color is chosen by talented and freedom-loving persons who are looking for non-standard solutions and perfection. The creative approach of such girls is visible in everything, even to such details as manicure they try to approach with all their hearts and of course, most often they prefer lilac shades. The lilac coating looks really bright and festive, like a breath of spring air after a long winter, this color brings back pleasant memories, inspires hope for a brighter future.

A manicure with lilac varnish, taken as a basis, provides a huge field for experimenting and demonstrating your creative abilities. So, various patterns look great on lilac — most often floral or floral ornaments, hearts, polka dots and stripes made in white or pink. A good solution for feminine and romantic young ladies will be a lace design on lilac nails. Fingers will look no less interesting and charming if you decorate a plain coating with all kinds of rhinestones and sparkles. Bold girls will find a harmonious manicure made in lilac and purple tones. This may be the ombre technique, beloved by many, where a smooth transition from one shade to another is performed from the little finger to the thumb or within one nail plate. Also, extravagant ladies will be interested in abstract compositions with clear boundaries, based on these two shades.

Interpretations of lilac manicure with a black pattern look beautiful. A simple and effective solution can be a combination of textures, when a lilac glossy base is complemented by a textured decorative coating with sparkles. Strictness and graphics can be added to the design due to the vertical division of the nail plate.

With the help of lilac varnish, you can instantly transform a French manicure, if instead of the traditional white “smile” you make it lilac. Such an original and feminine coating is appropriate in almost any life situation.

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