Characteristic spots of leopard print have long migrated from clothes to accessories, shoes and, of course, to female nails. The ideas of leopard manicure, embodied by nail art masters on nails, at first glance seem difficult to implement, but in reality it is not. If the desire to decorate your nails with this stylish type of manicure does not leave, you should arm yourself with the advice of the masters. Prefer to entrust it to specialists? Then it will not be superfluous to find out what a manicure is, which is called “leopard spots”.

Interesting ideas

A classic leopard print manicure is a characteristic pattern in the form of irregularly shaped spots that differ in size. They are performed on a nude or transparent base with dark beige, brown or chocolate varnish. Each speck is enclosed in a black outline.

But who said that classic is the only solution? Today, leopard print manicure can be done using whatever color combinations your heart desires. The ability to choose colors and motifs is another advantage of the “predatory” nail design, but the main advantage is that the leopard pattern manicure looks great on both short and long nails. By experimenting with the size of leopard spots, their frequency and colors, you can create a new nail design every time.

It’s no secret that French manicure has long been a classic. But even replacing the traditional white varnish with bright or pastel colors does not radically change the manicure. What a leopard French manicure! And in order to transform the classic version, you just need to apply a few “predatory” spots on the base. Even one nail on the finger, designed in this way, will attract the attention of others. Leopard French manicure is appropriate for both everyday and evening looks.

No less relevant is the moon manicure, which can also be transformed with a leopard motif. The combination of two trends is really great! Lunar manicure with a leopard print, like a jacket, can be done in different colors, choosing those that harmoniously complement the overall style of the image. By the way, girls who cannot boast of strong nails or patience should resort to extensions if they want to show off with long nails, since leopard manicure is also performed with shellac.

Secrets of technology

To implement the ideas proposed above, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the basics of applying varnishes. You need to start with the preparation of the nail plates. With degreasing and cleaning, everything is very clear, but the condition of the nails in the case of a leopard manicure made with dark varnish does not matter. Even if there are damages and irregularities, the manicure will look good. The exception is a classic jacket with leopard spots on a transparent background. After processing the nails, a colorless base should be applied to them, and then the background varnish in two layers (each layer should dry thoroughly). With one touch, apply spots to the background with a thin brush. The background should not show through the contrasting color. After drying, with a thin brush-needle, outline the spots with a black contour. It remains to wait for the edging to dry, and the fashionable manicure is ready! If desired, a top coat can be applied to provide nails with a beautiful look for a longer period.

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