Lace manicure

The number of different types of manicure and nail design in the modern world is huge, so any woman can choose a manicure to her liking. And one of the methods that are popular is applying a lace pattern to the nail plate. After all, lace is always associated with beauty, grace, elegance. In addition, the lace design can be used for nails of any shape and in almost any kind of manicure. For example, options for French manicure with lace are very popular.

Types of lace manicure

It is worth noting that there are several options with which you can get a beautiful pattern in the form of lace on your nails.

  1. Directly manicure using lace using a special synthetic lace, which is attached to the nail with a special glue. But you can also use any lace that is at your disposal: just cut out pieces of it according to the shape of the nail or part of it (depending on the intended result).
  2. Lace appliqué stickers available from specialized stores. Such a sticker is applied very quickly, but the pattern is usually unstable and quickly erased.
  3. Applying a pattern to the nail manually or using stamping (special clichés with a pattern). The latter option is especially often used in various salons, but if you wish, you can buy stamping clichés and apply the pattern yourself.

How to make a lace manicure?

Of course, any kind of manicure can be done in the salon, but you can easily do a lace manicure with your own hands.

To do this, you will need nail polish, lace, nail glue and a fixative.

  1. Decide in advance on the design of the manicure and cut out pieces of the required shape from the lace. If you use a special manicure lace, then it is already covered with a protective layer that prevents the penetration of moisture and protects against other external influences. This lace has a rather small pattern. When using ordinary lace, you need to pay attention to the size of the pattern, since it must be small, otherwise the manicure will not look beautiful. In addition, due to the lack of an additional protective coating, such a manicure is less resistant.
  2. Lace manicure 1

  3. Apply a coat of polish on your nails and let it dry. Gently apply a thin layer of adhesive and lay the lace on top.
  4. Lace manicure 2

  5. Let the glue dry. To speed up the process, you can use a special spray to quickly dry the glue.
  6. Lace manicure 3

  7. Take nail scissors and cut off the protruding lace along the edge of the nail.
  8. Lace manicure 4

  9. Manicure is ready. It remains only to cover the nail with a fixing composition. It is not recommended to cover the lace with a transparent varnish, as the manicure may lose its appearance. If desired, you can do without a fixer, but in this case, the manicure will not last long.
  10. Lace manicure 5

It is worth noting that a manicure with lace is more often applied to extended nails, since it is quite difficult to make it on short nails, and it does not always look as required.

Lace pattern

If you don’t have the necessary materials at hand, but you want to make a manicure with lace, then you can draw a pattern. To do this, the nail is covered with one layer of varnish, allowed to dry, and then, on top, with a different contrasting color, a pattern is drawn with a needle. To get a neat, elegant pattern, it is advisable to find a suitable pattern in advance and try to apply the pattern gradually, row by row, like knitting. When the varnish is dry, apply a fixer. Everything, the manicure is ready.

Most often, when creating a manicure with lace, black and white colors are used, but you can always give free rein to your imagination and experiment, especially in the case of a painted lace pattern.

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