How to wear blue suede boots?


How to Wear Blue Suede Boots

You will not surprise anyone with the fact that the components of an attractive appearance of a woman are a beautiful hairstyle, topical manicure and high-quality stylish shoes. And it is shoes that are assigned the role of the finishing touch, which makes the image harmonious, whole, interesting. However, not all girls decide to buy bright shoes, rightly considering them obliging and difficult in terms of combining with the rest of the image. Indeed, shoes of bright colors require a more careful selection of clothes and accessories, and this takes the most precious thing — time. What does this lead to? In addition, fashionistas often pass by beautiful, but so catchy shoes and boots that could become the property of the wardrobe. These shoes include fashionable blue suede boots, which many girls do not know how to wear. Time to fix it!

Stylish combinations

Boots, made of blue suede, claim to be the accent of any image. This shoe attracts attention, so it cannot be considered universal. This is the case when not boots are chosen for the outfit, but the outfit must match the boots. But do not worry and in vain deprive yourself of the opportunity to look stylish! A pair of blue suede knee high boots is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. For example, the usual blue skinny jeans that every girl has, complemented by a tunic or knitted jumper in beige, burgundy or gray, look great with blue boots. Putting on a denim jacket or a fur vest, we get a fashionable bow in street style. But the most winning option is a combination of a rich color of shoes with white clothes. In this case, blue must be present in accessories (hat, belt, bag) or in one of the elements of the ensemble. High blue suede boots with heels, the height of which can vary from a practical three to a mind-blowing twelve centimeters, will make the image bright and memorable.

Let’s take a look at how to pair blue suede knee high boots with a casual twist. The perfect complement would be an outfit made in gray-blue tones. A rather banal gray color is revealed in the neighborhood with blue, smoothing out the catchiness of the latter. An ensemble consisting of a gray-blue skirt, a white blouse, a blue jacket, blue boots and a matching handbag looks stylish. It would seem that the standard of restraint and elegance, but it looks just amazing! The combination of a black outfit with blue boots is considered non-trivial. A simple turtleneck and skinny trousers, tucked-in boots, allow you to create a stylish casual look. Surprisingly, neutral shades of beige look great paired with deep blue shoes. The finishing touch can be a blue bag or a laconic neckerchief of the same color.

For bright street looks, wear blue suede boots with a coat or elongated cardigans in contrasting colors. The classic combination is blue and yellow, but black, beige, white colors look no less impressive in this case. If the suede blue boots have no heels and a wide top, they can be worn lowered, combined with short down jackets in a wide variety of colors. The completed bright image is guaranteed by a stylish blue bactus scarf or a hat made in a similar range. We should not forget that a mix of bright colors does not always look good, and if young girls are easily forgiven for such mistakes, then mature ladies risk looking tasteless and ridiculous.


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