how to make a beautiful manicure

How beautiful to make a manicure? This question is regularly asked by more than one thousand women around the world. Of course, you can always use the services of professionals, but a real fashionista simply must be able to independently maintain the beauty of her nails.

In this article we will tell you how to make a beautiful manicure at home.

How to make a beautiful manicure yourself?

Fashionable ombre manicure is easy to do on your own. For this you will need:

  • two matching shades of nail polish;
  • a small sponge (you can use a kitchen washcloth cut into pieces);
  • toothpicks;
  • nail polish remover;
  • thin flat manicure brush (or cotton buds);
  • a flat (plastic, wood or metal) surface that is resistant to nail polish and nail polish remover (optional);
  • clear nail polish or top coat (optional, but recommended)

First of all, you need to prepare your nails. To do this, cut them to the desired length and shape them with a nail file. We remove the cuticle (can be cut or moved towards the bottom of the nail) and degrease the nails with nail polish remover.

On a clean, flat surface, pour a few drops of nail polish (of each color) so that they are nearby. Using a toothpick, “blur” the border between two shades of varnish (mix them together). Then we take the sponge and apply it several times to the varnish “puddle”, each time slightly shifting it alternately back and forth. As a result, we get a two-color speck of varnish on the sponge with a blurred border between the shades. Some girls do it even easier — they just apply varnish directly to the washcloth. Please note that the smaller the diameter of the “bubbles” of the washcloth, the more uniform the transition between shades will be. By applying the sponge to the nail plate, we get the coveted ombre effect. At the same time, one should not be afraid to stain the skin around the nail, because after reaching the desired pattern on the nail, we can easily wipe off excess varnish with a brush or cotton swab, having previously moistened it with nail polish remover.

After the varnish is completely dry, you can paint on top of it with varnish in a contrasting color, or simply cover the nail with a layer of top (or clear varnish).

Now you know how to make a beautiful ombre manicure at home. As you can see, it is really possible to quickly make a beautiful manicure. All you need is desire, imagination and a little patience.

How to make a beautiful simple manicure?

There are many options for a beautiful and simple manicure. For most of them, you will need two or more shades of polish that work well together. It is very important to learn how to correctly combine different colors and shades — this will help you intuition and the color wheel (a diagram in which the color spectrum is represented as a continuous circular scale).

Shades that are on opposite sides of the circle or in the neighborhood are best combined.

It is also important to be able to select shades of varnish according to the color of the skin of the hands.

Be sure to follow the accuracy and thoroughness of the work — a smeared pattern, varnish spread over the skin and other annoying little things can greatly spoil the impression of a manicure, turning it from the original into vulgar and cheap.

In summer manicure, the following trends are most relevant: marine themes, floristry, carnivorous and animal patterns, futurism (metallic shades), as well as abstract and geometric motifs.

In the gallery you will see what a beautiful manicure you can do with minimal artistic skills, diligence and a desire to be original.

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