gold glitter manicure

This season, gold sequins will be especially popular in nail designs. They look organic with bright nail polishes and pastel colors. Thus, depending on the choice of design, you can make casual, strict or elegant nail-art. But in any style, beautiful sequins of warm sunny color look attractive and irresistible.

Fashionable base for manicure with gold sparkles

If you chose a nail design only with gold glitter polish, then there are not so many options for such a manicure. A shiny decor on a color basis will look much more interesting. Today, manicure masters offer three of the most fashionable gold glitter nail designs.

White manicure with gold glitter. If you want to make nail-art with a shiny addition in a gentle romantic style, then it is best to choose a white base polish. The most beautiful is the white pattern on the nails, decorated with gold. Youth and casual style will complement the French manicure. In this case, you can use glitter as a base to highlight the strip along the edge of the nail, as well as an independent decoration. A white Feng Shui manicure with gold glitter looks no less stylish. This design is also the simplest and most affordable.

Black manicure with gold glitter. To give solemnity and elegance to any look, a manicure with black lacquer and gold glitter will help. Such a design in any form looks very unusual and beautiful. After all, the black base is ideally combined with gold sparkles.

Red manicure with gold glitter. A bright, outstanding and contrasting design with gold decor can be made by applying rich red varnish as the basis of a manicure. But in this case, it is important not to overdo it. The easiest way is to cover plain red nails with one layer of sparkles. A red manicure with highlighted gold of the ring finger also looks original.

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