Manicure plays the same important role in the image as makeup or accessories. After all, every fashionista probably knows that often the “highlight” and the main charm of the image is just some kind of trifle. Therefore, the choice, for example, of a manicure must be approached with care no less than the choice of clothing. Sometimes you can be content with quite an ordinary monochromatic manicure, but for some cases, or just for a good mood, it’s worth doing beauty experiments. A manicure will become an excellent scope for experiments, as it does not oblige you to anything, and you can give free rein to your imagination. For example, you can make a manicure with sparkles, which will be a great addition to both everyday and festive looks. In addition, a beautiful manicure with sparkles will warm the soul of every girl, because all the fair sex wants to sparkle.

Glitter Manicure Ideas

Monochromatic manicure. Glitter already gives expressiveness and originality to the manicure, so if you don’t want to spend too much time preening your nails, you can opt for a simple plain manicure. The main thing is to correctly choose the color, as well as, of course, the size of the sparkles, because they can be very different. Regarding color. One of the most spectacular, of course, can be called a black manicure with sparkles, because against a black background, some bright sparkles look very expressive. But no less interesting will be white, and red, and any other color. Just black is perhaps the most versatile. But in general, a manicure with glitter varnish can be at least colorless, because its main “highlight” is the sparkles themselves. Speaking of sparkles. If you decide to give yourself a daily manicure, then it is best to choose a polish with small sparkles. A manicure with large sequins is perfect for weekends or parties, holidays.

French manicure. If you want something more original than an ordinary plain manicure, then you can do, for example, a French manicure with sparkles. The main rule is that only one varnish should be with sparkles, because otherwise it will be too much. For example, a variant of a manicure with sparkles on the tips of the nails and a matte or generally transparent base will look good.

Lunar manicure. The French manicure mentioned above can undoubtedly be elevated to the rank of eternal classics, since it is always relevant. But over the past few seasons, French manicure has become incredibly popular on the contrary, which could be seen at many fashion shows of the most famous designers. Therefore, a moon manicure with sparkles will also undoubtedly be a very good choice. Again, of the two polishes required to create this type of manicure, only one should be glittery. A manicure with a black base with gold sparkles and a golden crescent at the base of the nail will look very impressive. It is simply impossible not to pay attention to the owner of such a luxurious manicure.

Spangles of an unusual shape or rhinestones. If you like to be the center of attention, then make your manicure original and unusual. For example, an unusually shaped glitter polish would be an excellent choice. With glitter stars, hearts or snowflakes. These nails are sure to grab attention. And for a party, a manicure with sparkles and rhinestones that will sparkle like precious stones will also be a good choice. The main thing when doing such a manicure, remember that it becomes a very, very bright decoration of your image, so you don’t need too many accessories, and your clothes should be quite calm, almost monophonic, so that there is no excess. After all, sparkling like a star and shining like tinsel are two huge differences.

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