manicure with flowers

What can fill the female image with tenderness, romance and youth best of all? “Of course they are flowers. After all, female representatives love it so much when they are given bouquets. And the use of floral print in clothes, makeup and nail-art helps to emphasize the sweetest feminine qualities, as well as to emphasize beauty and attractiveness in the image. In our article, we will pay attention to flower manicure. After all, such a seemingly trifle can become decisive in everything look.

Floral print manicure

Perhaps someone is now wondering what else can be said about a manicure with flowers, when you can not talk about this topic at all? – After all, it is clear that the floral theme will never go out of fashion, as long as girls prefer this direction. However, it is worth remembering that fashion is dynamic. In this regard, stylists all the time offer new stylish ideas that will help you stay in trend and emphasize your good taste. For lovers of painting flowers on nails, nail-art masters offer today such fashionable options for this design:

  1. Wedding nail design with flowers. The most relevant occasion for a flower manicure is a wedding. After all, the image of the bride is the most tender, romantic and full of love and happiness. For a wedding manicure, as a rule, light or pastel shades of varnishes are chosen. However, the option of bright colors and buds on a delicate basis is not excluded. First of all, it is worth starting from the style of the chosen outfit.
  2. Youth flower manicure. Bright and catchy flowers on the nails are considered a youth design. However, such a pattern can be done by a fashionista of any age. After all, beautiful flowers are associated with spring and the sun. Often this design is complemented with beads, dots or contrasting stripes. A bright manicure with a floral print will definitely become a note of good mood in the whole look.
  3. Evening manicure with flowers. Floral themes are also used in evening fashion. A distinctive feature of the evening manicure with flowers are the dark tones of the varnish. You can choose black, blue, green, burgundy, purple or any other shade you like as the base of your manicure. Then the flowers should be painted with light or contrasting varnishes. Also, evening manicure is concise. It can be large-scale, but without unnecessary details. This looks very interesting French dark manicure, complemented by a floral print.

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