fashionable manicure 2016 for short nails

Many girls who cannot boast of a long beautiful manicure often mistakenly believe that the design of short nails is very limited and does not have a wide variety. However, this is far from the case. And in 2016, manicure and pedicure masters decided to completely refute such a stereotype by presenting an overview of fashionable design for short nails.

Fashion trends manicure 2016 for short nails

Fashionable manicure 2016 for a short length combines conciseness and contrast, naturalness and original solutions, elegance and crazy energy. In other words, stylists make it clear that there are a lot of options for decorating small nails. Moreover, you can make a universal design or choose a solution for a specific situation. Let’s see the current manicure for short nails 2016?

Monochromatic coating. The most convenient and profitable solution for short nails is considered to be a design in one color without finishing. This year, such a manicure is relevant in bright and saturated colors. Red, blue, green, yellow — any colorful standard color will be appropriate for any season.

light jacket. French manicure remains a classic option. However, do not think that in this case only the standard version of the jacket in white will do. On the contrary, stylists insist on the use of colored varnishes and gels, but still, for short nails, discreet shades would be an appropriate solution. Lovers of classic design can emphasize their originality by making a combined jacket with holes.

feng shui manicure. The ring finger design is considered versatile and stylish. Stylists offer to cover all nails both in one color and in different shades of the same range. The ring finger can be distinguished with a floral print, stamping, sequins, jacket or hole.

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