Fashionable manicure autumn 2014

If we look at photos from the latest fashion shows, we can conclude that the most relevant manicure for autumn-winter 2014-2015 is the well-known moon nail art in its various variations: matte, nude, transparent and wine, maroon, sometimes combined with black.

As for the shape of the nails, in the new season, naturalness and naturalness are still in demand, that is, semicircular and almond-shaped. Sharp or square nails are not very relevant. Fashionable length — short or medium.

Trendy colors in autumn manicure

What color is associated with wealth, luxury, sophistication? Of course golden. By the way, fashionable manicure for autumn 2014 can and should be done in gold tones. And to paint the entire nail with gold varnish, or make stripes, or cover the nail with transparent varnish, and make a golden jacket — this is up to you.

Another trend is wine and maroon shades that have migrated from previous seasons. They were originally used in lipstick, and then moved on to nails. Today, designers successfully combine burgundy with metallic or gold.

Speaking of metallics… as you know, fabrics in clothes that have a metallic effect, as well as shoes and accessories in such a solution, will be popular in the upcoming season. Nails, of course, did not stand aside — in addition to the classic gold and silver, green, blue and red metallic shades also look interesting.

Not the last place in the autumn manicure 2014 is occupied by pastel and flesh-colored varnishes — in many photos from the latest shows, one can notice a variety of delicate shades of the models’ marigolds. Here and mother-of-pearl, and matte milky, and pearl, and coffee, and pale peach, and pale pink and many others. Moreover, such popularity of this manicure is not at all surprising — it is universal. You can wear both a business suit for work and an elegant dress for a party with it.

Fashionable manicure for the autumn-winter 2014-2015 season — bright halves

And it has also become fashionable to paint the nails in different colors in half: we divide the nail plate into two parts and apply varnish. Moreover, you can make both the same parts (vertically, or diagonally), and different in size, or even randomly decorate your nails with stripes.

In addition, in the autumn-winter 2014-2015 season, lacquer prints will become popular in manicure, which will match the pattern or texture of the clothes.

Ombre is still relevant, but it seems that the fashion for it will soon pass. If you like this type of manicure, there is still a chance to enjoy it.

Thermal varnish can become the trend of the season — it changes its saturation depending on the ambient temperature. For example, red — turns into coral or burgundy.

You can get interesting ideas for fashionable manicure for autumn 2014 from the photos in our gallery.

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