Fashion manicure 2014

The 2014 season pleases fashionistas with new trends in the art of manicure. The latest trends are so diverse that your nails will look perfect in any situation.

The fashion trend in manicure is the nude theme. These are flesh, transparent, beige, milky and light pink shades. This is a great option for those with short nails and those who don’t like flashy and bold colors. To give the hands more grooming, nude manicure is covered with a glossy sheen.

The leading positions are occupied by saturated varnishes. This season is dominated by blue, red, burgundy and metallic (golden, silver, bronze colors). The metallic sheen itself will emphasize the hands, so you should not abuse rings and bracelets.

The matte finish counterbalances the gloss. This is a good solution for medium length nails. If your nails are uneven, then you should not use a matte varnish, because it will only emphasize the imperfection of your nails.

Manicure Ideas 2014

A universal option for both fashionable manicure for short nails and long nails is a combination of several colors. There are no special rules here, rely on your own taste. If desired, each nail can be painted in a different color, but the shades should be of the same gamut. Fashionistas often choose the color of nails for lipstick and vice versa.

Lunar manicure is a fresh novelty that has already conquered the nail industry. A combination of black with a silver, gold or red tint is considered fashionable.

One of the most fashionable manicure variations in 2014 is a gradient, which involves a mix of several colors on one nail. It turns out bright and fresh, the nails are visually lengthened. Choose several colors of the same brand (so that you don’t see differences in consistency and texture), buy a sponge. Apply your chosen polish to the sponge and apply to each nail. Fix the effect with a colorless glossy varnish.

Caviar manicure looks unusual. Small beads on the entire surface resemble eggs, which is where the name comes from. Cosmetic brands are actively releasing these unusual coatings.

In 2014, the lacquer industry boasts several novelties in manicure. Thermal varnish and chameleon varnish change their coloring under the influence of temperature and sun. Lucky shimmer and glitter shimmer and shimmer in bright light. Matte and velvet options, varnishes based on liquid sand — all this will make it easy to create the most fashionable manicure, and without the help of specialists. An assistant in manicure are various stencils, stickers and stickers of unrealistic colors and textures. The main thing is that you do not have to draw patterns for hours.

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