Evening manicure


Every girl wants to look great at any time of the day. When you look perfect, not only self-esteem rises, but a great mood and a smile appear on your face. The best way to create a charming evening look is to choose a spectacular manicure that will help your look to be completely completed. In addition, it is important to remember that it is not enough for nail art to be combined with an outfit, it is necessary to create it in compliance with certain rules.

Options for a flawless manicure for an evening dress

Perhaps, we will begin a review of all kinds of options for creating an evening manicure with caviar. By the way, it arose thanks to fashionista Charlotte Knight. So, to create a caviar manicure, you need to buy beads in a nail shop. It is worth considering that the smaller the size of the beads, the more aesthetically pleasing they look.

One of the most popular varieties of French manicure has become a moon jacket. It should be noted that in this technique the main emphasis falls on the base of the nail plate, and the main focus is the inverted month. By the way, this is hardly your option if you are the owner of too short nails.

Having become popular back in the spring-summer season of 2013, gradient nail-art does not leave its peak of popularity. Today, deep shades are in fashion, which perfectly emphasize the mood of a fashionista. Recall that for a more expressive manicure, you can use related-contrasting or contrasting colors.

Evening manicure with rhinestones is the perfect choice for those who love to shine. The most interesting thing is that during the creation of this beauty, it is enough to use the usual everyday colors of varnishes. They can be complemented with bright touches in the form of rhinestone patterns, shiny stripes or any pattern.

Rules for a beautiful evening manicure for short and long nails

  1. We cleanse and moisturize the skin of our hands. Agree, no matter how beautiful and stylish a manicure is, it will not look very attractive on hands with dry skin.
  2. Make sure all nails are the same length. Otherwise, it is useful to trim them with a nail file.
  3. We do a classic or European manicure. We remove the cuticle.
  4. It is better if you plan hygienic nail art a day or a couple of hours before creating an exquisite evening manicure.
  5. If a complex design has been chosen, it is better to practice in its implementation a few days before creating the evening version.


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