gentle manicure 2016

With the arrival of the new season, professional manicurists and pedicurists offer a fashionable overview of stylish nail design ideas. In 2016, gentle nail-art with a touch of romance gained great popularity. Despite the fact that such a manicure is quite feminine, distinguished by light colors and limited in the choice of patterns and abstractions, the delicate design is universal and will perfectly complement both evening dress, an exit look, a business bow, and everyday casual ensembles. If the theme of delicate nails 2016 is attractive to you, then you should know that you can make such nail art in several ways. The simplest is considered to be a monochromatic varnish or pastel gel coating. The color of natures and light shades of bright palettes are also suitable — mint, lilac, peach. The most convenient option for a fashionable gentle manicure 2016 is stickers in a similar style. But this design is not original. Drawings look more interesting and extraordinary on the nails.

Delicate drawings for nails 2016

Perhaps someone thinks that delicate drawings on nails can only be done with light varnishes, because of which the manicure will not be expressive and bright. However, this is not true. In 2016, stylists offer a delicate nail design with unusual and beautiful images that will surely attract attention and emphasize the sophistication and femininity of its owner. Let’s see what gentle manicure is relevant in the 2016 season?

Lace pattern. Ideas with lace are considered the most romantic and delicate in manicure. This season, the actual lace pattern will be a pattern not only in white, but also in black.

flower theme. Flowers on nails are always gentle, feminine and beautiful. Such drawings should be done in light discreet colors. However, stylists allow a few bright or contrasting accents in the delicate flower manicure 2016.

Butterflies and bows. The theme of bows and butterflies on the nails has always been the most girlish, which gives the whole image a childish naivety, a touch of playfulness, but in general remains gentle and romantic.

Pastel dots and stripes. If you want a simple, delicate nail design, then in the 2016 season, the print of stripes or dots in light shades of colors is considered an actual choice. Blue, pink, lemon became popular colors.

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