chanel style manicure

Modern women of fashion are very fond of demonstrating their belonging to fashion with the help of branded items and accessories. Today, stylists offer girls to also try using the brand itself as a decoration. For example, this can be done very successfully in a manicure. Professionals use brand logos and colors on their nails. One of the most popular emblems used today in manicure is the Chanel badge. To make a manicure in this style, you must first of all pay attention to the original colors of the brand. In truth, the creator of the famous brand Coco Chanel herself did a bright red manicure, thereby emphasizing her independence and success. However, a Chanel-style manicure looks very different.

The main colors of the Chanel brand have always been white and black. To make a Chanel-style manicure, it is also necessary to decorate at least one finger with an inscription or brand emblem. Without this, your nails will no longer match the given style. Also, stylists allow experiments with the addition of golden or silver colors. Most often, manicure and pedicure masters decorate their nails with these shades as sparkles or small drawings. In addition, modern professionals often replace classic white with ivory, pearl or pale pink, which, I must say, looks very stylish.

To make your Chanel manicure look more impressive, add accessories such as rhinestones, small pearls, sparkles. You can also use ready-made stickers. This option will give you a guarantee of straight lines, as well as the identity of the patterns on each finger.

After applying a Chanel-style manicure, you can be sure that your look will be successful, and you will demonstrate your sense of style.

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