Caviar manicure

This combination of words is known to those fashionistas who carefully and constantly follow all the latest in the field of fashion, beauty, style and want to always be in trend. Caviar manicure has become one of the most sought-after procedures in beauty salons, but such a pleasure costs a considerable amount. However, there is always an opportunity to be beautiful and modern without resorting to the services of expensive make-up or manicure masters. So, we do caviar manicure at home and with our own hands.

Caviar manicure with granules

  1. We will need a colorless base for varnish, which will extend the life of the jewelry on the nails, and the varnish itself, the color of which can be very diverse, but it is desirable that it be saturated, not transparent. If we took a light and light shade as a basis for microbeads, then voids between the decor will be noticeable and the appearance of such a manicure will not be quite neat and beautiful. The «caviar» itself can be bought in a specially produced set, but we are interested in a more acceptable option. Therefore, we purchase acrylic broths in stores that offer everything for nail design. You also need to stock up on a brush for brushing off excess beads, a manicure stick, which will give clarity to the “smile” of the nail, and a small container for the “eggs” themselves.
  2. Caviar manicure 1

  3. Next, very carefully apply the base on the nails and let it dry thoroughly. Then, just as slowly, we cover the nail plates with varnish. Half of the expected result depends on how well this is done.
  4. Caviar manicure 2

  5. The next stage is the most responsible in the whole undertaking. Above a pre-prepared container, which can be an oblong or round sudok, we begin to sprinkle each nail with a pre-prepared «caviar» of microbeads. Note that this must be done immediately after you have applied the base varnish to the plate.
  6. Caviar manicure 3

  7. Lightly clapping, we press the beads into the base for better fixing. You need to fall asleep the entire nail, to the maximum. The next step will be to brush off the excess with a soft brush and give clear edges with a manicure stick. The above manipulations must be done with each nail.
  8. Caviar manicure 4

  9. Now you need to fix this whole “case” with a transparent varnish, which will somewhat extend the life of the manicure, but will smooth out the chic volumetric effect.
  10. Caviar manicure 5

Let’s just say that the procedure will take some time, but the resulting 3d caviar manicure will exceed all your expectations. You can try to make several of these nails randomly on both hands, and cover the rest with a bright varnish to match. This will give the image of your hands a special piquancy and exclusivity.

Caviar manicure at home

There are an incredible number of experiments that can be carried out with this type of manicure, and it is up to you to decide how to make a caviar manicure for a specific occasion or for a specific outfit. You can pick up several colors of microbeads or varnish, try to make a two-color “Frenchman” or a cascade of “caviar” of the same color scheme.

Remember that velvet and caviar manicure is “worn” for a couple of days and Caviar manicure at homeIt is more of a holiday than an everyday option. Therefore, avoid intensive dishwashing, laundry or cleaning for at least a few days. This will not only give you and your hands a chance to relax, but will make your friends ask how to do a caviar manicure, what is needed for this and how long the whole process takes.

To remove such a work of art is not difficult. It is enough to use a sponge soaked in nail polish remover and your nails will be ready for something unusual, fashionable and creative again. We recommend that you practice doing a velvet or fur manicure, the fashion for which is predicted already this autumn-winter season.

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