casting on nails

Cast nail design is a luxurious way to emphasize your femininity and make your look more vibrant. Such a manicure goes well with jewelry, and in itself it can complement even a modest elegant outfit.

Casting manicure

Every girl who loves herself tries to take care of her nails. Someone does a manicure on their own, someone — in the salon. But, one way or another, nail art lovers need to know about the latest in this direction. Relatively recently, nail art masters began to offer their clients manicure with casting with liquid stones, nails with gold and silver casting.

A similar method of applying varnish using the simplest means — brushes and foil, accurately imitates the presence of precious metals on nails without rhinestones and crystals.

Foil casting on nails

If you want to create a beautiful manicure yourself, then, first of all, practice on artificial nails. In principle, it is desirable to cast on extended plates due to the fact that it is carried out in a gel. But it is quite possible to create such a manicure on your own nails using gel polish. To create a fashion design you will need:

  • special foil, which can be found in stores with nail art products — it can be translated or invoiced, each craftswoman and fashionista adapts to her method of applying it;
  • several gel polishes of different colors, which are used both as a base, and as a color for a drawing, and as a material for “liquid stones”;
  • thin brushes or pointed sticks that are comfortable for you to work with;
  • UV lamp — in this case, you can not do without it.

The process of silver or gold casting on nails is as follows:

  • part of the nail or the entire nail is covered with gel — the base will help the nail plate resist harmful coloring pigments;
  • the first layer is dried under the lamp;
  • after drying, a pattern is very carefully applied to the base with a brush;
  • foil is applied to the pattern, and the pens are again dried under the lamp;
  • after taking ultraviolet baths, the foil is pulled off from the nails, after which you can see a bizarre pattern from the remnants of the foil, which form the casting effect.

Casting on nails — a brilliant element of the image

First of all, this design will appeal to girls who prefer an extraordinary, noticeable manicure. It’s worth mentioning right away that casting is unlikely to fit office bows, rather, it’s a festive option, a manicure for a vacation, for the weekend. A cocktail or evening dress may well be complemented not only with jewelry in the usual sense of the word, but also with such a “precious” manicure, you just need to make sure that the color of the jewelry is in harmony with the color of your nails. The same rule is recommended to follow if you have chosen casting with liquid stones on your nails — let them echo the color scheme of your outfit. You can include a manicure with casting on the nails and in everyday bows, but in this case it is important not to overdo it with the decor and make it simple and elegant. A brilliant pattern for a wedding manicure is well suited, a manicure with red and gold casting will be appropriate on especially solemn occasions.

Casting is not easy to do at home, but after a few workouts, you can enjoy an amazing effect in your performance.

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