bubble manicure

Beautiful and well-groomed nails are the same sign of a modern girl as stylish clothes, neat hair and makeup. Only here the concepts of what is possible and what cannot be considered beautiful are different for everyone. And this leads to the emergence of strange and highly controversial trends. One of them is a bubble manicure.

Bubble manicure shape

This manicure appeared in the USA last year and has already gained a lot of fans and many opponents. The stumbling block is an unusual shape of nails with a bubble manicure. The fact is that when performing acrylic extensions, the masters give the nail the shape of a ball, which resembles a chewing gum bubble, which gave the name to the manicure. Initially, bubble manicure was called nail decor from convex round small details, for example, beads or rhinestones. The same thing that we now call bubble manicure was called humpback nails.

Those who believe that such a design of extended nails looks interesting and non-standard, and therefore has the right to exist, focus on the fact that bubble nails simply cannot go unnoticed, that is, the girl wearing them will definitely be riveted increased attention. Opponents of such a design consider the manicure too strange and say that the nails in the form of a bubble gum bubble do not at all evoke an association with delicious chewing gum, but rather resemble some kind of disease of the nail plate and look repulsive.

Such a trend has not yet penetrated into European countries, however, if overseas it continues to gain popularity, then you should not be surprised that in a few years a bubble gum manicure can be done in a nearby beauty salon, because there can always be girls who are not afraid to look bright, albeit a little extravagant.

Doing Bubble Nail Design

Bubble nails or bubble nails are one of the varieties of 3D volumetric nail extensions using acrylic. It is performed on the basis of a cut manicure, and the nail plate is sharpened and polished quite strongly before such a procedure. Also, if it is necessary to add length to the nail, a special plastic form is glued to it.

Bubble manicure is done with acrylic. In this case, the master first covers the entire nail with it, and then adds a layer of this substance in the middle of the nail plate, thus obtaining the desired rounded shape. After that, acrylic is baked in a special lamp. On the basis of the formed nail, any designs can be made, but decoration with bright colors or pasting one of the nails on each hand (usually the ring finger) with rhinestones or decoration with large sparkles is especially popular. This design draws attention to the girl’s hands even more, so their bubble shape simply cannot go unnoticed.

At home, it will not be too easy to model such a shape, but if you have the necessary equipment for nail extension, as well as the necessary materials, then you can try to create this unusual and still unknown manicure to almost everyone.

If we talk about the conditions for wearing these extended nails, then they are the same as with other forms. The approximate period is 3 weeks and depends on the individual growth rate of the nail plate. Also, one should not forget that acrylic extensions injure the nail quite severely, it becomes soft, brittle, and special care procedures and baths will be required to restore it.

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