black and red manicure

Both by themselves and in combination with each other, these two colors will never lose their relevance. Classics do not go out of trend, and these two self-sufficient tones will certainly not give way to their strong positions in the fashion world. They only acquire new trends in accordance with new trends, and every new season new ideas of red and black manicure appear.

Red with black manicure

Black and red manicure, despite the richness and expressiveness, can be both elegant and graceful, if you can correctly use drawings, patterns, additional shades.

By the way, it was the combination of these two polishes that once back in 1992 prompted the creator of the famous Louboutins, Christian Louboutin, to bold black shoes with red soles.

Red and black manicure in Louboutin style

To make such a manicure, you need to have long nails. They need to be painted on both sides. But such an addition to the image does not go unnoticed at any party.

To make this stunning red and black manicure, you first need to paint over the inner surface of the nail with red varnish with a flat brush. And the longer the nail, the more effective the result will be. The outer side of the nails must be painted over with two thin layers of black varnish. To add glamour, after drying the varnish on the outside of the nails, apply a super-shine. Your super-manicure in Louboutin style is ready.

Manicure in black and red tones with gold and patterns

To diversify the black and red manicure, you can add some gold sparkles to it. First, paint your nails with red polish and wait until it dries completely. Then paint over the free edge of the nail diagonally with black varnish, and draw a thin line at the place of their confluence with gold glitter varnish. It is better to use a special designer varnish with a thin brush.

You can add not only sparkles to a black and red manicure, but also just gold lacquer, drawing a variety of patterns. Such a manicure will look defiant and elegant at the same time.

Also, a red-black manicure can be diversified with rhinestones, beads, beautiful stickers of various shapes. One has only to apply all your imagination, and your image of a femme fatale will be on top. Pair it with red lipstick and black eyeliner for a truly irresistible look.

Black with red gradient manicure

Gradient manicures have been popular for several seasons now, and manicures with red and black polish are no exception. This pattern looks incredibly beautiful and invariably attracts the views of others.

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