actual manicure 2015

With the advent of each new season, designers bring to the attention of fashionistas the latest trends in clothes, shoes, accessories, as well as make-up and nail-art. 2015 was no exception. Today we will talk about the most relevant manicure of 2015 — the colors of the varnish and the shape of the nails.

As in the previous season, in 2015, naturalness on the nails more and more prevails. Long extended and overhead forms faded into the background, and in the first place natural nails of small length. Stylists advise even when building nails to stick to a short natural length. The most relevant form of nails in 2015 is considered a round square. But, of course, lovers of sharp nails can indulge in their favorite form.

Bright manicure. Speaking about the actual colors of manicure in 2015, it is worth noting that rich shades and prints are still in fashion. Catchy drawings and abstractions that draw attention to the hands are given more attention by manicure and pedicure masters. Overhead decor in the form of rhinestones, broths, lace also has not lost popularity. The most relevant patterns are considered to be a floral-fruity print and stripes or dots.

nude manicure. But designers do not deny neutral shades on nails either. The trend in 2015 is a nude manicure with a single finger. This can be done with bright varnish or overlay decor. One of the most relevant options for natural design this season has become a nude moon manicure.

Actual colors of manicure 2015

Choosing the color of manicure lacquer 2015, it is worth considering that the most relevant are the traditional bright shades — red, yellow, blue, green. Also, pastel colors have gained great popularity — mint, blue, pale pink. Speaking of novelties in color schemes on nails in 2015, black and white manicure has returned to fashion again. At the same time, plain white or black nail-art remains less and less in demand.

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