prom hairstyles 2014

Graduation is an event that involves a certain dress code and the corresponding makeup, manicure and hairstyle. The main trends of beautiful hairstyles for graduation have been preserved since the previous 2013, but new fashionable notes have also appeared.

The most important criterion for choosing a fashionable hairstyle for prom is to match the style and style of the dress. If your dress is magnificent, then the styling should be more concise. For a long, straight evening dress, a highly selected hairstyle is an ideal choice. It is believed that hairstyles with elements of weaving are more suitable for owners of blond hair, curls, curls, and curls look more advantageous on dark hair. Red-haired girls like smooth styling.

Prom Hair Ideas

Particularly relevant for graduation in 2014 are hairstyles-braids, individual hair weaves look stylish. They can be very different — intricate and complex, simple and classic, the strands are braided carefully or deliberately casually. This carelessness is associated with the French style, where the hair is slightly disheveled. There are actually many variations. Braids can be braided in such a way that strict structural lines and tiers are obtained, and these elements can be braided both on a separate section of the head and over its entire surface, thereby collecting all the hair into a single hairstyle. Weave pigtails into a bun, tail, or leave a separate free fragment in curls.

Prom hairstyles with weaves are relevant no less than bunches: low, high, tight, slightly disheveled, neat, airy, lush. A bunch with loose curls, twisted strands, tiers of complex shape is a chic prom hairstyle. Such a masterpiece will require a lot of time, effort and styling products. But today fashionistas prefer simpler hairstyles, but no less interesting and elegant. A certain carelessness of the grunge style is now loved by girls. Retro hairstyles are extremely popular. Greek style is also on top: curled curls or strands braided, decorated with special headbands and hair ties — this is the right choice. If a girl wants to feel like a princess, a hairstyle with a tiara for prom is what she needs.

If you are the owner of thick and long hair, then tails of various heights will suit you well. Such styling looks elegant in an adult way. If your hair is not very thick, then it is easy to fix visually. Complete the image with hair accessories: hairpins, elastic bands, headbands, feathers.

Prom hairstyles for short hair

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you won’t have a festive hairstyle for prom. Short strands are easy to style when clean and slightly damp. Styling tools allow you to «build» your hair with ease. A round brush brushing will serve as an assistant.

To give your hair a festive look, you can twist the bundles. The main thing is to carefully fix them. If the length allows, then nothing prevents you from making interesting weaving or curling curls.

Boy haircut is becoming more and more popular and trendy prom hairstyle in 2014 among girls. As a hairstyle, use a creative mess on your head, or vice versa, comb your hair carefully back or to the side. Alternatively, lift your strands and bangs with hair gel or extra strong hold hairspray.

The ideal choice for short hair is a cool retro style wave. Start by spraying all over your hair, parting. Next, you need to separate the strand in front with a width of three fingers. Apply mousse and comb, style and fix the strands in the shape of the letter «c». Do not forget to slightly lift the curls at the roots. You can fix it with clips, which are located along the entire length of the hair at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other, place the hairpins in parallel.

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