Pink manicure - 24 photos of the best ideas for stylish nail design

For many of the fair sex, pink manicure is one of the most preferred. It always looks elegant and sophisticated and can easily complement a casual, evening, business or romantic look. In addition, this color is invariably associated with femininity and charm, which is why so many fashionistas appreciate it.

Pink manicure 2018

In each season, pink manicure remains at the top of popularity. This nail art looks great on any woman, regardless of her age, profession, social status or character. In addition, it is great for any shape and length of nail plates, so absolutely all young ladies can do a pink manicure.

pink manicure 2018

Pink manicure for short nails

An incredibly beautiful pink manicure can have a huge variety of different shades. As a rule, girls and women choose either muted pale pink tones, or a bright color close to red. Average options in most cases are used in combination with other shades or many decorative elements of different shapes and sizes.

For owners of short nail plates, the most advantageous types of nail art in these colors will be the following:

  • plain pink manicure, made in any shades of this color. At the same time, it can be both gentle and romantic, combined with any color of the outfit, or bright and “flashy”, drawing attention to its owner;
  • in 2018, one of the main trends will be a pink French manicure, in which this color shade can be used both to cover the smile line and the main surface. In any case, such nail art looks incredible — it gives the handles of its owner a well-groomed and neat appearance, thereby emphasizing the beauty and grace of any image;
  • in the new season, nail art, made in a gradient technique, is at the top of relevance. The color transition in this case can be smooth and calm, which will make the design gentle and romantic, or sharp and bright, which will help draw the attention of others to your person;
  • finally, in 2018, a pink knitted manicure will take a special place in the world of manicure art. This stylish and incredibly attractive nail art gives its owner and all those around her a unique coziness and comfort, making it ideal for everyday wear, especially in the winter season.

pink manicure for short nails

Pink manicure for long nails

Owners of long nail plates can make a pink manicure of any design, since a sufficient area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe claws does not at all limit the flight of their imagination. So, nail art looks very interesting with large drawings that are located on adjacent fingers. For example, in this way you can depict beautiful butterflies, whose wings are connected when one nail approaches another.

On long claws, you can use any geometric patterns. In this case, it is not forbidden even to apply horizontal stripes that visually shorten the plate, or large geometric shapes. A stylish pink manicure on long nails can be supplemented with any other images — floral motifs, all kinds of branches, openwork lace, monograms and so on look very good on them.

pink manicure for long short nails

pink nail design

Pink manicure ideas are so diverse that every girl can easily pick up something for herself. As a rule, owners of fair skin and the same hair choose pale pink shades and complement them with white or pastel colors. Fashionistas with a brighter appearance often want to stand out, so they give their preference to original options with the addition of large decorative elements or dark-colored gel polish.

pink nail design

Nail design — pink and black

For those who want to draw attention to themselves, a stylish and extraordinary manicure in black and pink is suitable. These two colors contrast strongly with each other, so they can be used to reflect the most unusual and bold design solutions on the nail plates to create festive and everyday looks.

Black monograms and lace, hearts, stars, any stripes, cage and geometric patterns look great on a pinkish base. In addition, the coatings of these colors can be combined with each other by placing them on different fingers. In any case, a fashionista can be sure that such a combination will not go unnoticed, and no matter how intense the shade of pink is.

pink and black nail design

Pink matte manicure

The pink nail design, created using a matte finish, looks very stylish and can be appropriate in absolutely any situation. However, some fashionistas consider it too simple and ordinary. In this case, the masters of manicure art are advised to highlight the smile line with a different color, thereby obtaining a beautiful and unusual jacket, or paint 2-3 accent fingers with another color from the following list:

  • grey;
  • white;
  • black;
  • bright blue;
  • purple or lilac;
  • green, salad, olive;
  • aquamarine;
  • silver and gold.

pink matte manicure

Hot pink manicure

One of the most spectacular options for a holiday or a special occasion is a plain hot pink manicure. It looks very elegant and can complement an evening or cocktail outfit with almost any color scheme, including black, white, gray and many others. In addition, many girls do a bright pink manicure with a design, although it is highly recommended not to overload it with decorative elements.

So, in such nail art, floral motifs, images of birds, animals and insects made in one of the contrasting shades, any lines, medium-sized geometric shapes, a cage and much more will be appropriate. A gradient manicure looks very stylish and unusual, in which there is a sharp transition from a snow-white or pale pink coating to an incredibly bright and catchy color scheme.

bright pink manicure

Pink manicure with rhinestones

Any nail art can be supplemented with sparkles or rhinestones, and depending on their number, you can get both everyday and festive options. On a pink surface, transparent shiny pebbles look very good, the number of which can be different. Pink glitter manicure is also a very interesting variation, which especially attracts the attention of young brides. This design looks incredibly feminine and romantic, so it best emphasizes the beauty and innocence of young ladies getting married for the first time.

pink manicure with rhinestones

Pink manicure with rubbing

A beautiful pink manicure can be supplemented with various types of nail plate decor. So, pearl or mother-of-pearl rubbing looks very good on nails decorated with this color, which makes the fingers even more attractive. Depending on the color of the base, such claws can look bright and spectacular, or complement a delicate and romantic nail art for any occasion.

pink manicure with rub

Manicure pink and gold

Pink and gold manicure can emphasize the chic and luxury of the image, which always demonstrates the beauty and grooming of women’s hands. Meanwhile, such nail art should not be overloaded with gold inserts too much — it is much better to highlight two or three fingers with sparkles, glitter or gold ribbons. It is better not to use such decor in everyday wear, but on a holiday, and especially on New Year’s Eve, it will be extremely appropriate.

pink and gold manicure

French pink manicure

A gentle jacket, just like a pink moon manicure, will never lose its relevance. These options, in which the smile line, the hole or the main surface of the nail plate are stained with a pink coating, always look very stylish. In addition, the modern fashion for manicure allows you to vary them in various ways.

So, on long claws, you can highlight the tip with a bright color and an unusual shape, on short nails, paint over the hole with a delicate shade, and the rest of the surface with a bright contrasting color. In addition, both of these techniques can be safely combined in one nail art — fashionista’s pens, for the decor of which both French and lunar techniques were used at the same time, look simply charming.

french pink manicure

Pink ombre manicure

A stylish ombre manicure can be done both in the salon and on your own. Although it does not require high qualifications and serious time costs, this nail art looks incredibly stylish and interesting. So, a pale pink manicure, in which the shade does not change much at all, is a great choice for a romantic date.

It demonstrates that its owner carefully monitors her hands, but in general she is a gentle and romantic nature, tuned to the manifestation of her own feelings. Bright gradient nail art, on the contrary, emphasizes the courage of a fashionista and self-confidence and her own attractiveness.

pink ombre manicure

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