Peeling skin on the fingers

The skin on our hands is most exposed to the negative effects of the external environment, and despite the fact that, unlike other areas of the skin, it contains very few sebaceous glands and moisture, which are necessary to maintain elasticity and smoothness. And the cold season for owners of dry skin turns into a real nightmare. Peeling of the skin on the fingers, turning into cracks and wounds, spots and redness, and this is not counting the psychological discomfort, because no one likes to see their hands in this state. And if conventional hand care products do not help, then you should determine the cause of excessive dryness and peeling and take appropriate measures.

Causes of peeling skin on the fingers

Peeling of the skin on the fingers and between the fingers can be caused by the following factors:

  • improper hand care. With dry skin, you can not limit yourself to one cream only. From the age of 25, dehydration occurs in the skin of the hands, and the aging process begins. Therefore, regular comprehensive care is necessary: ​​cleansing — nutrition — moisturizing;
  • excess moisture. If you do not thoroughly dry your hands after each wash, peeling between the fingers often occurs. Especially for this reason, mothers of babies suffer, who in the first months have to deal with water much more often than usual;
  • lack of vitamin A and E. As a rule, beriberi makes itself felt in autumn and spring. For this reason, very often there is peeling of the fingers and in babies;
  • temperature fluctuations in the cold season, as well as dry air in heated rooms. In autumn and winter, dry skin requires the most thorough care;
  • exposure to ultraviolet radiation also leads to dehydration and disruption of the natural protection of the skin;
  • exposure to aggressive environments. Use of household chemicals without protective equipment;
  • allergic reactions requiring appropriate examination and identification of the allergen. Peeling between the fingers in children, in the absence of external factors, can also be a sign of an allergy;
  • metabolic disorders, usually accompanied by peeling and other areas of the skin;
  • skin diseases requiring a consultation with a dermatologist.

It is not always possible to exclude external factors and those numerous women’s worries that are so detrimental to the condition of the pens. But nothing is impossible, and even if the peeling of the fingers has reached abrasions and cracks, you can correct the situation with the help of simple recipes.

Remedies for peeling skin on the fingers:

  • apply olive or linseed oil to the skin, hold hands in warm mittens for 20 minutes;
  • potato decoction baths and masks of mashed potatoes with butter or milk are very effective for dry skin;
  • oatmeal mask with oil restores the skin and relieves peeling;
  • boil celery root for 30 minutes in a liter of water, and lubricate the skin with a decoction;
  • 1 st. boil a spoonful of flaxseed in 250 g of milk, lubricate problem areas;
  • when peeling the skin between the fingers, baths with sea salt are effective. 0.5 st. dilute tablespoons of salt in 500 ml of warm water, and hold your hands for about 20 minutes. After the bath, lubricate with a therapeutic moisturizer;
  • honey effectively cleanses and nourishes the skin. It can be added to masks, rubbed with oil, or used in hand massage. An effective mask of honey and egg yolk with the addition of olive oil.

Hand masks are applied in a thick layer on cleansed skin, and gloves are put on top. As a rule, masks are made before going to bed, left to dry for no more than 2 hours, and after cleansing the skin, it is useful to apply a nourishing cream in a thick layer and put on cotton gloves. Decoctions, if possible, are used during the day, after washing hands or at night. If there is no time for care procedures, then the following medications are effective from peeling the skin on the fingers:

  • therapeutic cream based on an aqueous emulsion, for example, Clobaza. Such products restore skin moisture and create a protective layer;Peeling fingers
  • healing cream with vitamins and medicinal plants, such as boro-plus, foretal, dardia;
  • special children’s creams, such as Bepanten, Bübchen, Mustela, also effectively help in the fight against peeling and cracks in the skin of the hands;
  • in the autumn-spring period, it is especially useful to lubricate the skin with a solution of vitamins A and E, wheat germ extract.

With problematic skin, preventive measures will not be superfluous to prevent peeling of the fingers. In sunny weather, you should use products that protect against ultraviolet radiation. In the cold season, apply a protective cream for at least 15-20 minutes. to the exit, and on the street be sure to wear gloves. During the heating season, while indoors, use a moisturizer as often as possible. Avoid contact with very hot or cold water, use household gloves when in contact with household chemicals. And, of course, take care of the skin of the pens, regularly clean them with a soft scrub, make nourishing and moisturizing masks and eat foods rich in vitamins.

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