Pale pink manicure - the best ideas for beautiful pink nail art

Spectacular nail art is a necessary finishing touch, because only with it will the hands be truly well-groomed. A soft pink manicure is considered a universal option that will help you look stylish and at the same time romantic and feminine.

Pale pink manicure 2017

A popular trend for the upcoming season is pink manicure, which embodies neatness without frills and versatility. In popularity, the color is second only to the scarlet hue. The advantages of this type of nail art are as follows:

  • pale pink manicure is successfully combined with office, solemn, everyday style. You can make it match the evening dress with the help of decorative elements;
  • the color suits absolutely every girl, regardless of style and appearance, but in order for it to become a worthy decoration of hands, you should carefully consider the choice of shade. The shade is often considered to be the attributes of a real blonde, but it looks great on the hands of girls with black, blond or red hair .;
  • to create an original design, you can use one or more varnishes of different shades.

soft pink manicure 2017

Pale pink manicure 2017

pink manicure

Pale pink manicure for short nails

In the summer, any girl will be able to create a romantic, memorable image using a pink manicure. The color suits both a young graduate and a charming bride with short nails. The following options for its application to the nail plate are possible:

  • the shade goes well with different colors, allowing you to create a beautiful pale pink manicure;
  • the nail can be covered either with a plain varnish, or combined with an entertaining pattern, which may turn out to be floral, animalistic, geometric motifs;
  • the use of rhinestones is allowed, but, given the short length, it is recommended to use them in limited quantities. For example, you can place one pebble on each nail plate or lay them out in a pattern on any one finger.

pale pink manicure for short nails

Pale pink manicure for long nails

A light pink manicure on long nails looks no less effective, it smooths out the aggressive sexuality inherent in such a length, and gives femininity and romance. Nail art is characterized by such characteristic features:

  • the shape of the nail plates can be anything, for example, trapezoidal, pointed, square. Such nail art will soften them and give a feminine look;
  • as an additional decorative decoration, rhinestones, pebbles, sparkles and sequins are used;
  • all kinds of drawings are relevant, when applying them, it is recommended to take into account that in order to preserve tenderness, it is preferable to decorate them with one finger, for example, the ring finger;
  • the combination with a varnish of a different color or with a golden tone looks spectacular.

pale pink manicure for long nails

Pale pink manicure ideas

When creating nail art, there are numerous options for applying it to choose from. If you want to be in trend, you should adhere to the following trends:

  • reproduction of original drawings on the nail plate. Abstract compositions are the main trend of summer 2017. It can be curls and smooth lines, lace motifs;
  • a beautiful pink manicure can be combined with a coating of a different color. But when choosing a second varnish, strong contrasts should not be allowed. You can achieve an ombre effect of two colors, where the main color gradually turns into white;
  • combination with gray is ideal for nails of any length. Often one nail is made completely gray, while the others are painted in the main color. As an original solution, one can give an example when red and white hearts are drawn on a gray background — this can be done on one finger, or on several;

pale pink manicure ideas

Pale pink manicure with rhinestones

No woman can resist the bright sparkle of stones, so a soft pink manicure with rhinestones is a common option. Masters use glass, plastic, acrylic rhinestones, which are practically not inferior in brilliance to precious stones. When creating a pink glitter manicure, it is recommended to consider the following points:

  • must be done in compliance with the measure, because just one extra pebble can ruin the whole picture;
  • as for the choice of crystals, it is better to give preference to transparent ones, then the design is suitable for a casual look and a festive event;
  • the color and shape of the pebbles also differ, so these two parameters must be taken into account;
  • rhinestones in tone can be as close as possible to the color of the coating or, conversely, contrast.

pale pink manicure with rhinestones

Beige pink manicure

The discreet design, made in pastel colors, always remains in fashion, so it adorns the fingers of ladies of any age. Pale pink manicure makes the hand even more neat and elegant. Fashionable shades visually hide the years, making the hands younger and more perfect. The following variations of the combination with a beige tone are allowed:

  • it looks especially elegant when the main tone is as close as possible to beige, these two pastel shades are combined;
  • it is possible to apply these two tones on one nail or alternately apply them to different fingers.

beige pink manicure

Pale pink manicure with white

Pink and white manicure is presented in many variations. This combination is suitable for office dress code, and for a solemn event. In addition to the fact that such a design performs an aesthetic function, it hides the flaws of the nail well.

  • the master can make not only the drawing white on the base, but also the ombre effect;
  • one nail can be painted both in the main and in white at the same time, and lined with small rhinestones in the middle;
  • a pale pink patterned manicure is interesting when white lace is painted on the main background;
  • another way is to highlight the big, ring and little fingers with a white background with a branch of pinkish flowers.

pale pink manicure with white

Pale pink matte manicure

There are various ways in which you can apply a manicure with soft pink varnish. The coating can be not only glossy, but also matte. The following design variations are allowed:

  • the use of different shades, from the palest to the saturated. In both cases, the design will look extremely advantageous. This is made possible by the matte structure of the lacquer coating;
  • a combination of matte varnish with glossy, which can be applied both on one nail plate and alternately on different fingers. This combination makes the image spectacular and original.

pale pink matte manicure

Manicure pale pink with blue

If it was decided to combine a pale pink manicure with blue, it is recommended to exclude too bright shades. This combination can look too flashy, so pastel colors should be preferred. An option is allowed when you can play in contrast — combine a transparent base and bright blue, or use the opposite color combination.

pale pink and blue manicure

Pale pink moon manicure

One of the most relevant options is a pink moon manicure. To create it, it is preferable to use natural colors without sharp contrasts. Perhaps this creation of nail art:

  • when combining tones, it is best to use shades such as white, beige or golden;
  • pale pink moon manicure suggests that you should not forget about rhinestones for decoration, which are perfectly combined with the moon design;
  • the hole can be left unpainted or a clear varnish is applied, and the rest is covered with the main color. Or they do the opposite, paint the hole with the main color, after which there is a strip of delicate green, framed by white dots. The rest is again covered with the main color.

pale pink moon manicure

Manicure pale pink with gold

A great find for a gala event is a manicure in soft pink tones, complemented by a golden trim. This combination looks truly luxurious and will not leave its owner without the attention of others. The glitter of gold will add saturation and emphasize the tenderness of the base. The following combinations are possible:

  • to make evening nail art, you can apply the main varnish on the nails, and sprinkle gold sparkles on the top;
  • soft pink manicure with sparkles — one or more fingers can be highlighted with gold;
  • a gold pattern can be applied on the surface of the nail plate over the base.

pale pink and gold manicure

Pale pink French manicure

You can bring zest to the image if you make a pale pink manicure with a design. When creating it, you can fully show your imagination, for example, the following variations are possible:

  • the edge of the nail is highlighted with white, beige, blue varnish, sparkles;
  • decoration with rhinestones of one or more fingers;
  • highlighting part of the nail with glossy or mother-of-pearl varnishes, while the base will be matte;
  • french can be slightly edited and make a figured upper regrown part of the nail;
  • gently pink manicure with a pattern, made on a vegetable, flower, animalistic, abstract theme;
  • drawing on the nail plate an openwork pattern made in the form of lace;
  • An interesting option would be to divide the nail plate with sparkles, cover one part with transparent varnish, and the other with the main one.

pale pink french manicure

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