nail polish colors 2013

Despite the fact that the period of open clothing has already passed, fashionable manicure is still relevant. It is especially important to watch your hands for representatives of office professions, as well as women who are constantly in contact with people. However, even housewives should not relax. After all, no one has yet canceled a trip to visit or to a social reception with the advent of the autumn-winter season, and the removed gloves perfectly demonstrate manicure. Therefore, it is important to know what colors of nail polishes are in fashion in 2013.

The onset of the autumn-winter season no longer requires only bright and rich nails, unlike the hot season. One of the most popular during this period is considered a calm color scheme on the nails. These include shades of white, pink and beige. For lovers of elegance, it is important to make yourself a French manicure in similar colors.

However, the fashion of 2013 still does not cancel bright decisions when choosing the color of varnishes. The most trendy are juicy shades of red, yellow, blue and green. According to stylists, such colors are possible in combination with any wardrobe, except for business and office. It is better for representatives of such professions to choose more restrained fashionable colors of nail polish. But at the same time, such a choice can also be quite saturated. For example, calm dark shades of brown, ripe cherry or matte white are perfect for a business woman’s manicure.

Also in fashion 2013 are nails decorated with large sequins. In this case, you can choose the main shade of varnish of any color scheme. The effect of sparkles can be created both by applying a colorless varnish with large parts of shiny paper, and using shiny powder with large granules. In any case, such a manicure is more suitable for representatives of the youth group of women for club parties and themed events.

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