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The most changeable phenomenon in the world is probably fashion. After all, if quite recently one type of transparent extended nails caused a storm of delight and amazement, today you won’t surprise anyone with this, moreover, more and more sophisticated gel nail design options appear every season. Consider what new nail extensions the 2014 fashion offers us.

Novelties in nail extension — french 2014

The most popular type of gel nail extension is, of course, French, and 2014 was no exception. Often, with the word “French”, we traditionally imagine a pale pink nail plate with a white rounded end. In the classic version, the French manicure looks exactly like this, but fashion dictates its own rules, and today there are many types of French manicure, some of which are only remotely similar to the classics. What French nail extension design is popular in 2014?

  1. Of course, at all times there will be fans of the classics among fashionistas, and therefore the original version of the French manicure does not lose its popularity. French extended nails are versatile, beautiful, and besides, they can easily be applied with an additional manicure.
  2. The type of French manicure with virtuoso drawings is very popular — this is how whole compositions with bright colors and stylish accessories are created against a neutral background.
  3. An unusual option for stylish nail extensions in 2014 is a jacket with a beveled edge. There are two options for this type — in the first option, the “smile” remains the same, rounded, but the very edge of the nail cuts obliquely. This type of jacket is especially beautiful on long narrow nails. The second option, simpler, is a smooth outline, but the white edge is not made in the form of a “smile”, as in the traditional version, but in the form of an oblique line.
  4. Also, a place of honor in nail design is occupied by the type of fan-french extended nails, the shape and appearance of which does not differ from the classic French, but the departure from color stereotypes makes it special. So, the nail plate can be red or, for example, yellow, while the edge of the nail is painted in a dark or bright color. Most often there is a variant with a traditional pink plate and an original edge.
  5. Let’s make a small creative experiment — add a beautiful painting to the stylish fan-french design, and we get another independent type of french nail extension, which is popular in the summer season of 2014.

Nail extension — design 2014

For those who like to paint their nails in different colors for a particular outfit or create a nail design on their own, it is better to turn to a universal type of nail extension that does not lose its relevance in 2014 — a transparent gel with a painted pattern that does not have embossed forms.

A novelty in the world of nail extension in 2014 can be called a moon manicure. By origin, it can be attributed to the jacket, but its resemblance to the original is minimal. Lunar manicure is a dark or bright nail plate, while in a different color, often silver or golden, it is not the edge that is painted, as in the classic version, but the base line of the nail.

A stylish and beautiful addition to the design of nail extensions in 2014 was the use of various fashionable accessories that attract the eye with their unique brilliance.

Feel free to experiment, and you will certainly find a type of extended nail design created just for you!

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