Nautical style manicure is great for summer. It is quite versatile, because it can be both carefree, perky-striped, and sophisticated and refined. In this article we will talk about marine manicure 2014.

Manicure — marine theme

The marine theme in manicure can be used in different ways:

  • images of anchors, boats and marine inhabitants;
  • striped print (especially with the use of «marine» color combinations — blue-white, red-white, black-white, blue-white-red);
  • gradient options (designed to create an association with a sea wave or sunset).

Main colors: blue, white, red, gold, black and all shades of aqua.

Aqua manicure

Fans of monochromatic manicure will love the options for the color of the sea wave. Depending on the general style of the image, the color of the clothes and the tone of the skin of the hands, the manicure can be blue, light blue, light turquoise, greenish — after all, sea waves are so diverse and changeable! If desired, you can also use several shades at once, for example, highlighting the index, ring or little fingers with a brighter one.

Marine manicure at home

At home, to create a striped print, you can use thin strips of duct tape (straight strips for a French manicure will do) or a thin brush for design (draw the stripes by hand). You can also use stamping, transfer foil or stickers for a quick manicure.

Cover your nails with the base of the chosen color, wait until it dries completely and then paint the stripes. Wait for the second coat to dry and top coat with a clear coat or special top coat.

Regardless of the type of manicure chosen (solid, print, gradient), you can additionally use decorations — miniature shells, sand, sparkling stones, rivets or figures associated with the sea. As a rule, they are fixed on top of a wet top, but sometimes special glue may be required.

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