manicure broken glass gel polish

Manicure is a necessary part of the female image. Recently, many different techniques have appeared with which you can best express your individuality. One of the most popular is broken glass manicure using gel polish.

Nail design broken glass gel polish

Broken glass effect nail design was first applied in South Korea. The girl, who was lucky enough to become the owner of this manicure, posted his photo on social networks. Since that moment, numerous representatives of the fair sex wanted to reproduce this technique on their nails, and began to turn to the masters with a similar request.

What is the peculiarity of this type of manicure? Thanks to a special technology, the effect of small broken pieces of glass is created on the nails. It is achieved due to the fact that the reflection of light occurs and the play of the rays of the sun occurs. A special holographic cellophane or foil is used as a material for applying these “glass” particles to the nails. In this case, various combinations are used that contribute to the creation of refraction of colors.

Recommendations for creating a manicure

In order to create a spectacular broken glass manicure with a gel that will look perfect, you can be advised to follow the following recommendations:

  1. Mastering the technology of applying a manicure with the effect of broken glass with gel polish will allow you to apply the most daring color experiments. In summer, bright and saturated colors will look appropriate, and in winter — more restrained, designed in pastel colors. But there are exceptions to any rule, and therefore, you should consider how the manicure will fit into the overall image.
  2. To create such a design, a combination of glossy and matte textures will be harmonious. They are perfect as a substrate for «fragments».
  3. Many people prefer to apply broken glass on their nails with gel polish on their entire surface and on each nail. But the design of only one or several nails or the application of fragments to part of the nail also looks very original and sophisticated.
  4. In order for the «fragments» to hold tightly, they should be firmly pressed against the surface of the nail during application. The distance between them is maintained at least 1 mm.
  5. If a piece of the “fragment” nevertheless exfoliated, it can be recommended to polish the nail and cover it again with a top coat. This will eliminate the situation when the nail will «cling» and extend the life of the manicure.
  6. To get the proper overflow effect, it is recommended to apply broken glass to the color base, and look under the glare of the lamp, what combination is obtained.

Manicure options with the effect of broken glass

There are a lot of interpretations of how you can make broken glass nails with gel. Here is some of them:

  • “fragments” look good against a background of white or black tones;
  • broken glass looks original against the background of bright colors: red, blue, burgundy, pink;
  • you can use the application of «broken glass» on the tips of the nails, this will be an original variation of the French manicure;
  • A manicure using golden tones looks extremely impressive.

These are just one of the few ideas that can be implemented.

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