manicure autumn 2016

Not a single image of a beautiful lady will be complete and complete without a beautiful and neat manicure. Well-groomed hands always attract the attention of others to their owner and give her incredible self-confidence.

Meanwhile, in order for the nails to look stylish and modern, it is necessary to take into account the existing fashion trends that change with each season. In the coming autumn of 2016, new trends will burst into the world of fashionable manicure, thanks to which every woman can always look perfect.

Fashion trends in manicure for autumn 2016

A beautiful and relevant manicure for the fall of 2016 can be done using the following techniques:

  • one of the main trends will be plain nude manicure, which uses shades such as beige, peach, light pink or coffee with milk. In this version, 2-3 nails can be decorated with lace, beads, gold threads and other elements. However, a nude manicure, even without additional decorations, allows each girl to demonstrate to others her natural femininity and impeccable sense of style;
  • classical french manicure with white tip in the fall 2016 season will fade into the background. Nevertheless, the technique itself will remain relevant, but only on the condition that the shades used to create the manicure contrast strongly with each other;
  • in the autumn season becomes more relevant than ever dark gothic manicure. If it seems too gloomy to a girl, it can be diluted with golden or flesh hues;
  • moon manicure in the fall of 2016 it will also be incredibly relevant, both in glossy and matte versions. You can diversify this elegant design with all sorts of divorces, zigzags, bright dots and other original decorative elements.

Fashionable manicure colors in the fall-2016 season

In the fall of 2016, the most relevant shades of the coating of the nail plates will be the following:

  • romantic, gentle and airy natures are better than others white shades, from subdued matte to noble light pearl. These colors not only make the image light and elegant, but also emphasize the smooth line of the fingers;
  • Red color also does not give up its positions. All bright shades are in fashion — from scarlet to cherry, as well as more muted options, such as marsala wine color. Red manicure looks especially good in combination with lipstick of the same shade;
  • the most relevant color of the autumn-2016 season will be grey and its various options from ash to metallic silver. If such a manicure seems too boring and dull to a girl, you can add a bright color accent to it;
  • blue and its many shades, such as celadon, turquoise and so on, remain at the top of popularity just as in the previous season. On cool autumn evenings, this manicure option will perfectly fit into any image and make its owner somewhat detached and mysterious;
  • finally, it is worth noting separately the unusually expressive manicure, made using purple hues. This color, combined with various items of clothing, can be both bright and daring, and incredibly calm, so it is considered absolutely universal.

Other ideas of fashionable manicure for autumn 2016 are demonstrated in our photo gallery.

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