Remembering such a type of manicure as French (French), we often traditionally imagine a pink nail plate with a painted white, beige or pale pink edge. In the classic version, French manicure is just that.

However, fashion trends can change the idea of ​​​​many things, and the fashion jacket of 2014 can rightfully be considered a work of art.

Let’s talk about what French ideas are fashionable in 2014.

Manicure fan-french 2014

This type of nail design in general terms does not differ from the classic understanding of the jacket, however, with this option, you can choose any color scheme, from classic light to bright or dark shades.

To draw special attention to your hands, you can use various accessories for fan-style nail design, the range of which in 2014 fashion is pleasantly surprising.

Fashionable french ombre 2014

This type of French manicure is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent — a neat and accurate gradient will give you an incomparable nail design. Despite the apparent complexity, mastering this technique is so simple that you can easily create this unusual type of french nail design even at home.

Nails french millennium 2014

In 2014, the nail design of the French millennium can be called especially popular — this is nothing more than decorating the edge of the nail with sparkles. Such a manicure looks amazing at a fun party or gala event.

Art French nail design 2014

Art French manicure involves decorating a French manicure with various patterns. French nails with a pattern, which are very popular in 2014, are often made under a special stencil, which allows you to create an unsurpassed design with your own hands.

French ideas 2014 — moon manicure

This type of nail design can turn your idea of ​​a French manicure upside down. For this type of jacket, varnishes of two colors are used — black and silver, or you can take golden if it is more in harmony with the outfit. The nail plate is covered with black varnish, while not the edge of the nail, as in the classic versions, but the line of its base stands out in silver. This type of nails, popular in the new season of 2014, can be called the most modern interpretation of French manicure.

New jacket on nails — experiments with the shape of a «smile» 2014

In order to make the nail design unusual, it is not necessary to apply exquisite drawings, sometimes it is enough just to change the shape of the “smile”.

To make the nail design more rigorous, and thereby emphasize the length of the nails, you can use a sharp edge shape. But it should be used only if you are the owner of very long nails, short nails, paradoxically, it visually shortens.

The wavy shape of the «smile» of French nails will make their design smoother and softer, it looks especially beautiful in a combination of light colors and shades. Suitable for any shape and length of nails.

The universal form of the “smile” of a French manicure, in addition to the classic semicircular shape, can rightly be called oblique, which is gaining more and more popularity. One of the significant advantages of this version of the jacket is the ability to hide the flaws in the shape of the nail.

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