Fashionable nail design 2014


Nothing will transform women’s hands in the way that a beautiful and unusual manicure can do. Today, nail design is not only covering the plate with glossy varnish, it is a whole art project that requires incredible imagination and creativity. Consider what options for nail design offers us the fashion of 2014.

New nail designs 2014

  1. Summer is primarily bright and colorful colors, and nail design is no exception. In the new season of 2014, stylish high-tech nail design with futuristic figures will be relevant. Various geometric shapes: squares, trapezoids, rhombuses of different colors, matched to the outfit, will fantastically complement your summer look.
  2. The novelty of nail design in 2014 was the moon manicure — one of the varieties of the traditional jacket, however, its peculiarity lies in the fact that we highlight not the tip of the nail, but the line of its base with a different color. In the classic version, two colors are used for this design — black as the main one and silver for the accent, but rules are there to be broken!
  3. Geometric nail design 2014. This season, stripes are in trend, this applies to both clothing and manicure style. Such an unusual design is extremely easy to perform — you can easily create such a masterpiece yourself at home, and the result will exceed all your expectations.
  4. Nail design 2014 — fashion for white. All shades of white serve as an excellent canvas for additional decor in the form of various accessories. The main advantage of this trend in 2014 is the possibility of using it for the design of short nails. In addition, such a neutral color will suit absolutely any style or outfit.
  5. Actual nail design 2014 — dark glossy varnish. This option, embodying elegance and sophistication, is unlikely to be appropriate for a morning walk around the city, but it will become a universal addition to your style at a party, in a cafe or at various special events. But when using such a nail design, pay special attention to the nails — their shape must be perfect.
  6. The most fashionable nail design in 2014 is a French manicure. Different versions of French manicure, starting from the classic and ending with its art varieties, will be appropriate in any look — both in strict classic and in light romance. Using various accessories will help draw special attention to your hands.
  7. In the summer season, your style should be bright and radiant, so why not start with nails? Stylish shiny nail design with shining polishes and various stickers is the best addition to a bright summer look.
  8. One of the most fashionable types of nail art that is popular in the new season of 2014 is sand design. It is created using special textured varnishes that resemble the relief of wet sand. The color scheme of such a coating will allow you to choose a shade that meets all your requirements.
  9. The most creative nail design idea of ​​2014 was multi-patterning, which is incredibly popular among teenage girls. So, with the help of multi-colored nail polishes, a whole composition is created on the theme of Gothic or Halloween.
  10. It is unlikely that any other type of nail design can compete with the designs that are fashionable in 2014, applied to real or gel nails. Each nail becomes a truly work of art with delicate lace, floral arrangements or an unusual abstraction.


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