Extended nails - design 2014

Women’s beauty is made up of well-groomed — beautiful makeup, hair, manicure. But what if your nails are naturally very thin and brittle? In this case, the option of nail extension will be saving. By the way, owners of strong beautiful nails also resort to this idea simply because extended nails do not require scrupulous care — they do not break, do not require grinding, polishing and filing, and the original design created once will perfectly complement your unique image. Let’s talk about what ideas exist for beautiful extended nails, and what the 2014 fashion offers us.

Fashionable extended nails — French 2014

Exquisite French manicure has always been and remains popular, the variety of types of which can turn your head — the classic version, French art, French ombre, moon jacket and others.

If you opted for extended nails, pay attention to the French style, which is very popular in 2014 for both natural and gel manicures. Classic natural nail plate with a white edge will be a beautiful addition to any style, moreover, this option is the best option for applying an additional manicure on extended nails.

For lovers of creativity, we suggest moving away from stereotypes by creating a fan-french manicure fashionable in 2014 on extended nails. This type of nail design has much in common with classic French, but its color scheme changes radically — the edge of the nail can be distinguished by any color, dark, light or even acid-bright.

The most beautiful and fashionable in 2014, according to many, is considered to be a variant of the idea of ​​​​extended nails in the French art style — a sophisticated and sophisticated pattern on the nail. This type of nail design can tell a lot about its owner, first of all, about her unique style.

Popular ideas for extended nails 2014

There are other options for extended nails. Extremely popular in 2014 are transparent extended nails with interesting patterns that allow you to apply an additional manicure.

The matte design of extended nails will look unusually stylish. Such a move may seem very unusual at first glance, but many fashionistas who are tired of bored brilliance and gloss are looking for non-standard solutions for themselves, and such a new trend becomes a real find.

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