New Year's drawings on nails

Creating a festive look to celebrate the first night of the year is very important for every girl. Beautiful ladies think through everything to the smallest detail, including clothes, shoes, accessories, as well as such important elements as makeup and manicure. Very often, on the eve of a gala night, original pictures are drawn on the nail plates.

Manicure — New Year’s drawings on nails

Drawings on the nails for the New Year can have a wide variety of types and shapes. Young girls, as a rule, choose cheerful motifs in the form of cute snowmen, deer, Santa Clauses and cute animals. Meanwhile, such New Year’s drawings on the nails are not suitable for strict formal dresses and beautiful shoes with thin high heels, therefore, to complement the solemn image, other options should be preferred.

New Year’s drawings on nails with gel polish

With the help of gel polish of different colors, you can draw bright and original drawings on your nails — the New Year theme allows each girl to choose the appropriate motive associated with the New Year and Christmas. Often, manicure masters in their work turn to dots — a special tool, which is a small stick with a ball at the end.

Using this device, you can draw any pictures on your nails, for example, a funny Santa Claus or a funny snowman. The French gel polish design looks good with a Christmas tree decorated for the holiday. Balls, cones, garlands and much more can act as decor here. A similar design can be supplemented with small sparkles or stars to give the image a fabulous mood.

New Year's drawings on nails 1

New Year's drawings on nails 2

New Year's drawings on nails 3

New Year’s drawings on nails with acrylic paints

Nail art masters around the world use acrylic paints to create the most unusual patterns and ornaments that can decorate nail plates on the eve of the New Year and other important events. Such artistic painting looks simply amazing, and it is subject not only to highly qualified craftsmen with extensive experience, but also to beginners in the field of manicure art. New Year’s drawings on acrylic nails can be different — simple and openwork snowflakes, snowmen, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Christmas tree, gifts, Christmas balls and other toys, and so on.

New Year's drawings on nails 4

New Year's drawings on nails 5

New Year's drawings on nails 6

New Year’s drawing on French nails

Beautiful drawings on the nails for the New Year can be created using the French manicure technique that has been popular at all times. French can be made in classic colors and decorated with snowflakes or sparkles. Meanwhile, some girls choose another option — they cover the nail plates with gel polish in two shades that contrast markedly with each other, for example, black and silver, red and gold, and so on. In this case, New Year’s drawings on nails, made in any current technique, will also be appropriate.

New Year's drawings on nails 7

New Year's drawings on nails 8

New Year's drawings on nails 9

New Year’s drawings on short nails

Many girls are convinced that beautiful and original images on the eve of the New Year celebration can only be applied to nails of sufficient length, extended or natural. In fact, this is not the case at all. A qualified master of manicure art will definitely select New Year’s drawings for small nails for every woman, thanks to which the pens of a beautiful lady will look feminine, sexy and attractive.

Moreover, if the nail plates are very short, it is better to give preference to vertical patterns that visually slightly lengthen them and make them more proportional. For the same purpose, when creating a festive design, you can leave the sides unpainted. Too large or small elements in this case will look ridiculous, so it is better not to use them.

In addition, to obtain a beautiful decor, an unspoken rule should be observed — if a woman’s plates are square, New Year’s drawings on such nails should be bright. If their shape is close to an oval, flashy shades of varnish or gel polish, on the contrary, are better not to use. In this case, it is right to stop at coatings of light colors, which will not be too striking to others.

New Year's drawings on nails 10

New Year's drawings on nails 11

New Year's drawings on nails 12

Simple New Year’s drawings on nails

To look great during the celebration of the New Year, it is absolutely not necessary to have great experience and qualifications. A striking design can be created without even having the appropriate skills for this. For example, every fashionista can draw such light New Year’s drawings on nails:

Cool drawings on nails for the New Year

New Year’s drawings on the nails carry a different meaning. Some girls want to complement their festive look with the help of such a design and make it more graceful, feminine and elegant, while others, on the contrary, amuse others and give them a smile. In the latter case, funny and cool pictures related to the new year and Christmas are applied to the nail plates.

Often the symbol of the coming year is used in this capacity. For example, the patron of 2017 is the Fire Rooster, which is very easy to portray as a funny and funny bird. Deer antlers or figures of these animals can easily become the basis of a cool New Year’s design. Finally, any decor can be complemented with a smiling muzzle of a snowman or Santa Claus.

New Year's drawings on nails 20

The most beautiful New Year’s drawings on nails

Decorative nail art on the eve of the New Year is becoming very relevant. Beautiful New Year’s drawings on nails are made in a variety of ways, including technologies such as water manicure, stamping or photo design. With these methods, you can get unusual patterns that will delight others and make their owner the queen of the festive night.

New Year's drawings on nails 21

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