acrylic nail art

When preparing for any celebration, be it a New Year’s corporate party or a wedding, every woman thinks about manicure as an integral part of the image. Naturally, you want to look unique and draw attention to yourself. In such cases, interesting acrylic drawings on nails are very popular, because with the help of this type of paint you can create images of any complexity.

Drawings on nails with acrylic paints

The type of paint in question appeared not so long ago, but quickly won the favor of not only manicure masters, but also artists. The fact is that acrylic is a versatile material. It consists of water, resin and tint pigments in high concentration. Thus, acrylic paint can be used both in finished and diluted form. At the same time, it does not crack and does not crumble, it does not dissolve with water after drying. The advantage of acrylic is that it does not fade in the sun.

Varieties of paints for manicure:

  • pasty;
  • transparent;
  • opaque;
  • translucent.

You need to choose the type of acrylic depending on the desired effect. Let’s consider in more detail.

Drawings on sharp nails with oil technique

Long nails with pointed ends look spectacular and extravagant with bright, complex and textured finishes. Therefore, in general, undiluted pasty acrylic materials are used for painting them, which are similar to oil paints. They even take the form that is attached with a brush, creating the effect of a three-dimensional 3D pattern.

The images of flowers with protruding petals and leaves, decorated with various additional accessories, such as rhinestones or feathers, are most in demand.

Acrylic drawings on nails with impasto and watercolor techniques

This type of painting also uses undiluted acrylic paint, but the application technique differs in that less material is used and it is carefully distributed over the nail plate, without bulk strokes. Thus, you can get rich, non-translucent patterns even on short nails. At the same time, the paint is a bit like gouache, but only externally — acrylic will not dissolve in water and will not crack even at high temperatures, and the brightness and richness of shades will last for a long time.

Watercolor and impasto technique allows you to perform absolutely any painting, from simple minimalist compositions to intricate patterns and even images of human faces.

Drawings on nails with acrylic paints using the sliding technique

This technique requires a lot of experience and skill, but it also looks much more spectacular than others. Sliding consists of mixing acrylic paint in the right proportions with structural gel bases. Through this technology, you can achieve greater depth and color saturation, diversify shades, create new ones (up to 2000 varieties).

Black and white drawings on the nails glazed with acrylic paints

The coating technique presented involves the use of acrylic diluted with water in such proportions that the paint becomes translucent. A feature of this type of work is the ability to create a seemingly ordinary black and white drawing, but at the same time, with complex, subtle gray gradations and shading.

Each layer of paint is applied very thinly until completely dry, after which the next one is superimposed on it. The more overlays are performed, the more interesting the chiaroscuro becomes, the drawing seems to come to life. With this technique, you can achieve the effect of glow from the inside.

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