Chanel summer makeup collection 2014

Makeup from Chanel is synonymous with impeccable quality and the highest style. The Chanel summer 2014 makeup collection fully met the expectations of fashionistas.

And in this article we will look at it in detail.

Chanel cosmetics collection — summer 2014

The legendary brand Chanel pleased fashionistas with a new makeup collection called Reflets d’Été.

The Chanel summer 2014 collection includes:

  • Levres Scintillantes — jelly lip glosses (03 Glaze; 184 Hello; 185 Sexy; 186 Happy; 188 Sunny);
  • Illusion d’Ombre — cream shadows (95 Mirage; 96 Utopia; 97 New Moon);
  • Stylo Yeux Waterproof — waterproof eyeliner (911 Ambre Doré);
  • Inimitable Waterproof Mascara — waterproof mascara (10 Noir; 67 Violet Touch; 77 Orange Touch);
  • Le Blush Crème de Chanel — cream blush (79 Cheeky);
  • Le Vernis — nail polishes (reissue 613 Eastern Light; 615 Sweet Lilac; 619 Pink Tonic; 621 Tutti Frutti; 623 Mirabella).

As a basis and tone, Chanel stylists suggest that we use products from the Les Beiges collection, which came out a little earlier.

In particular, these are:

  • Healthy Glow Multi-Color Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen — powder in the original «striped» design (two shades No. 01 and No. 02 — for light and dark skin);
  • Les Beiges All-In-One Healthy Glow Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen — fluid tone in three shades (#10, #20, #30);
  • Retractable Kabuki Brush — The new kabuki brush helps you apply foundation like professional makeup artists. The small size of the accessory and a convenient case allow you to always carry it in your purse.

Makeup Chanel — summer 2014

Even after a cursory look at the Chanel summer 2014 collection, it is clear that the make-up will be quite bold and bright. The main trend is orange shades, especially on the lips. An extraordinary combination of orange and lilac is sure to please everyone who likes to stand out from the crowd. At the same time, the shades of the main products from Chanel in the collection of summer 2014 are quite diverse so that any fashionista, regardless of age and color type of appearance, can use them in makeup. Restrained tones are suitable for light daytime makeup, while more saturated ones will help emphasize beauty in the evening.

This year, stylists are returning to colored eyeliner again. So, Chanel offers us a brown-bronze eyeliner. If desired, it can be combined with bronze shades similar in tone, or with copper-pink or lilac. Pink-beige with a bronze sheen, blush can be used as a regular blush, or pointwise as a bronzer — to correct the shape of the face (in this case, you need to act carefully and not overdo it with the saturation of the shade).

When choosing shades of lip glosses from the new Chanel collection, remember that they all have a jelly, gel texture. This means that it will not be possible to achieve a dense saturated color from them. The coating on the lips will be light, translucent, so if you want to make lips the semantic and color center of makeup, use lipstick of a suitable tone as the main coating, and jelly gloss as an accent.

The shades of lip glosses and nail polishes are almost perfectly duplicated, so that girls can again match the same color of lips and nails. But instead of a monophonic manicure, Chanel masters offer us to decorate our hands with a moon manicure — an “inverted jacket”, in which not the “smile line”, but the base of the nail stands out with a contrasting shade. However, such a manicure is suitable only for happy owners of thin fingers and long nails of the correct form. Do not forget that the moon manicure can noticeably «shorten» the length of the nail plate, making it more «square» in appearance. So if your nail shape is far from ideal, use a classic plain manicure — it is great for any nail shape.

You can see photos of new Chanel products from summer makeup collection 2014 in our gallery.

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