Acrylic water based varnish


Acrylic water based varnish

Every woman always wants to look attractive and well-groomed, but in order to achieve this, beautiful clothes, a perfect figure, makeup and styling are not enough. A positive impression of a female representative will be formed when the condition of her nails is perfect — a beautiful, neat manicure and pedicure. Today, among a wide variety of nail polishes, water-based acrylic lacquer is especially popular, which has a number of advantages.

Water based acrylic lacquer

The advantages of using acrylic varnish are undeniable, it:

  • does not have a sharp specific smell;
  • completely ready for use, it does not need to be diluted or heated;
  • perfectly stored in a closed container (does not dry out and does not thicken);
  • does not require the use of a UV lamp when applied;
  • dries within 3 minutes;
  • economical due to a fairly liquid consistency;
  • has a wide variety of shades;
  • applies evenly, does not create streaks.

This water-based varnish is completely safe. Due to the fact that acrylic lacquer does not contain toluene and formaldehyde, which are harmful to health, it can be used during pregnancy. If necessary, it can even be used for children’s manicure. In addition, water-based acrylic varnish, when applied to the nail plate, creates a film on it that protects the nails from the harmful effects of the external environment. It also creates a protective barrier against the negative effects of household chemicals and contact with water.

Types of acrylic varnish

Acrylic varnish can have a matte and glossy finish. If you’re going to a party and want to be noticed or just love bright, saturated colors, get a glossy or semi-gloss acrylic water-based varnish. There is no particular difference in them, the texture is almost the same,Water based acrylic lacquer the only difference is the range of colors.

Well, if you prefer your manicure to have light, calm, discreet notes, apply a water-based matte acrylic varnish. In addition to having an ultra-smooth, flawless look, it looks very good on patterns applied with the same type of varnish. Any type of water-based acrylic lacquer is removed from the nails with a regular remover.

With the help of acrylic varnish, your nails will always have a well-groomed brilliant look, even if you do not visit expensive salons, but are used to taking care of your nails at home.


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