white french 2016

The classic French manicure is a versatile nail design that never goes out of style. Such nail-art looks both casual and elegant, gentle and unobtrusive. It is these features of the white jacket that attract fashionistas. A big plus of the classic French manicure is its unpretentiousness with the choice of wardrobe. The light design is perfect for evening looks, street looks, business ensembles and sports combinations. It was the versatility of the white jacket that made it one of the trendiest nail designs in 2016.

New in design white jacket 2016

Despite the conciseness and simplicity, the white jacket still becomes boring over time, which affects its relevance. That is why stylists from year to year offer new ideas for this beautiful design. Let’s see how manicure and pedicure masters see a white jacket in the 2016 season?

White jacket with a pattern 2016. Patterns, prints, abstractions on a white French manicure are relevant every year. This season, the most popular solutions are the black and white theme of butterflies and the soft design with bows. For lovers of contrasts, stylists offer a floral theme that does not lose popularity.

White french with casting. The trend of this season is the classic French manicure with a gold cast pattern. The combination of neat conciseness and luxury of the decorative element makes the whole design unusual, feminine and original. A stylish addition to such a manicure will be one or two liquid stones.

White french dotsom. If you are tired of the classic version, then a design with dots on a white background will be a stylish and original choice. Such a jacket can also be made in the standard version, where the dots will act as a finish. But the edge strip of dots on a plain white base looks very interesting and extraordinary.

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